We are going to play a game…. Who said this… Obama… or …. Romney…..

The people of America recognize that the slowdown in jobs that occurred during the early years of the Bush administration were the result of a perfect storm. And an effort by one candidate to somehow say, ‘Oh, this recession and the slowdown in jobs was the result of somehow this president magically being elected,’ people in America just dismiss that as being poppycock. And they recognize it as that.

Was that Obama? Was that Romney…. Well answer later….

Every indication is that the economic policies adopted and pursued by this president are creating jobs at a very high pace. And so the people of America have to ask, ‘Do I stay with the president, who is rebuilding the economy, who is creating jobs, or do you want to stop mid-stream and find someone new?’

Romney?…. Or Obama?……

You guys are bright enough to look at the numbers. I came in and the jobs had been just falling off a cliff. … And then we turned around and we’re coming back. And that’s progress. And if you’re going to suggest to me that somehow the day I got elected somehow jobs should immediately turned around, why that would be silly. It takes a while to get things turned around. We were in a recession; we were losing jobs every month. We’ve turned it around … That’s progress.

Obama?…… Or Romney?……..

So how well did you do? Was your choice Obama-Romney-Obama? Was it Obama-Obama-Romney? Was it Romney-Obama- Romney?

Truthfully, all sound like Obama, right?

The answer …. All were Romney… The first two were his defense of the George Bush administration in April 2004. The third was in June 2006 explaining why Jobs were flat under his tenure….

We have an immoral situation here.

Republicans are attacking Obama for not resurrecting the economy. In truth those things take time. What we do have are results. (like 29 straight months of private sector job growth with 4.5 million jobs being created in that time). Especially when those figures include the 800,000 jobs lost in Obama’s first month in office….

Romney knows he himself is lying. He knows it is impossible to achieve the results he projects… He knows it because the exact same thing happened to him.

Is what he’s doing really that Christian? Is it moral? Is that the way our parents taught us right from wrong?