And they are solidly Democrat.   Why?  Because they are smarter than the rest of America.  That is why.  They figured out that the way to prosperity, was to expel Republicans from office and put Democrats in instead.

Per capita real GDP ranged from a high of $63,159 in Delaware to a low of $28,293 in Mississippi. Per capita real GDP for the U.S. was $42,070.

All evidence shows that Republican policy makes it’s people’s wealth,  worse. Much, much worse…   All the top states are solidly in Democratic control.  All the bottom states are solidly in Republican control.  So readers in other states (since we’re not going backwards anytime soon)  how rich do you want to be?

You are being lied to… You are being lied to by each and every single one of your Republican elected officials.

Delaware is based on the principal that when the wealthy get rich, through very fair taxation, everyone underneath benefits.  It is called, I think,  allowing the wealth to ……. trickle down……