The idea of this concept is to get information that is clean and pure out to voters.   Just facts.  Spin your own damn interpretation if you will.

The impetus for this came from an exchange in which when confronted with the statement that  Obama has created more jobs than Bush and Romney put together the party said ….  “that is simply not true.”   After exchanged glances it became apparent over her defensive argument that she really did not know.  So this is being created to illuminate, educate, and bring all of America to at least …. the same table.

Bill Clinton created 23 million jobs in 8 years.  The most George  Bush at his peak, created was 4 million.  When the bubble burst, at his end in office, his total net was in negative numbers.  -1.5 million negative jobs created.  So far as of June this year, the Obama administration has created 4.1 million new private sector jobs.


We now have sour economic news.  Whose fault is it?

The Republicans have controlled the House now since 2011.  In that time frame….. while they were busy proposing bills they knew would never pass, they produced nothing even resembling a job creation initiative. Lots of bills to; kill Medicare; weaken the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts; protect oil company profits; and limit women’s reproductive right. But no plan to create jobs.

During that same time frame, Democrats did this….. and all would have passed and become law except for the blockage of the Republican stopping up the bowels of the House.

The Build America Bonds to Create Jobs Now Act
The American Jobs Matter Act
The National Manufacturing Strategy Act
The Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing Technology Act
The Currency Reform and Fair Trade Act
(which would address currency manipulation that causes jobs to be sent to China)
And a patent reform bill that would have prioritized patent applications based on the inventor’s willingness to manufacture in the United States.

Those that follow news know this to be the absolute truth, but for those who didn’t here is just one prime example……. You can look up the facts yourself….

When faced with Republican intransigence in Congress they sent the American Jobs Act, a $447 billion bill that contained a large number of initiatives designed to create jobs immediately, as well as incentives for businesses to create jobs. Basically, the breakdown was 53% tax breaks and 47% expenditures.

The Republican caucus stripped all by 11 billion from the Bill, keeping a few tax cuts.  Republicans officially killed the bill  by having zero Republicans vote for it in the Senate.   This bill to jump start the economy and create jobs was killed by Republicans in the Senate.

Desperate to get jobs created, the Democrats carved out a small piece of that bill ($35 billion) and sent that small piece  which would have prevented local governments from cutting police, firemen, and teachers as their funds shriveled up…..   Republicans killed it.  Every single Republican voted against keeping Police and Firemen on local government’s payrolls.   Not only did Republicans not create jobs, they killed jobs, even in these very important sectors.

The Democrats then put forward a $60 billion Jobs Bill that would have repaired bridges, highways, and transportation hubs.  Republicans in the Senate killed it.

Furthermore when the Highway Bill came up for a vote ($100 billion that is used for the daily maintenance of Highways), it did garner 22 Republicans of the Senate, who knew killing that bill was a no-go back home.  But, Eric Cantor and Boehner of the  House claimed the normal bill was too expensive, killed it agreeing punt the current funding for a three month extension.  We are at the end of those three months, and there has been nothing done to move forward by those responsible of its death.

Bottom line is that there has been quite a bit of considerable effort by Democrats to create jobs, to get the economy started, and to make life truly better for Americans.

There is only one reason it hasn’t happened.

Republicans killed each and every attempt.