Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for President of the Unites States of America,  even if he does not win, has forever made an impact upon the argument against incarcerating people for marijuana violations.   In this message,  he outlines the issue.

Bottom line, during these tight economic times, we are spending each year mind you, $1 billion to incarcerate marijuana offenses, $8 billion in legal expenses to incarcerate those with marijuana offenses.  In 2008 alone, western Virgina grew $4 billion dollars worth of marijuana.   It is the number one economic activity in the most impoverished regions of that country making it rise above all farm activity to become the number one cash crop in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  The number one cash crop.  It is frequently used by 17 million Americans on a regular basis.   It is easier for kids to get marijuana in the 8th, 10th, and 12th grades, than it is for them to get access to alcohol.

This last Obama failure is unacceptable.  Marijuana use in teens has shown to have a dramatic affect upon their development.  The failure of the current system, in fact the impossibility of being able to eliminate the threat of teenage damage after all the money that’s been thrown that way to stop it, is criminal.

Our non-legalization of  marijuana is hurting our kids.  Period.   However, with the assistance of corporate America, we do a rather marvelous job stopping them from drinking alcohol.  Why can’t we treat marijuana smoke the exact the same as we do something in a bottle?

Just legalize it.

Allow it to be sold by licensed dealers.

Tax it.

Then at that point…… we can control it.

Take cigarettes.  Add Delaware’s $3.60 plus the Fed’s $1.01 per pack, if that pack goes for $5.00, one is paying ($4.61/$5.00) 92.2% tax.  (I have yet to see drive by shootings over cigarettes) . So if we tax what some now estimate to be  a $100 billion dollar market, we get $92.2 billion dollars of new tax revenue.

So let us look at the cost savings.

Yearly, we net $92 billion. And… if we  add the $2 billion spent yearly in interdiction,….. for the cost of an extra free $94 billion dollars in additional revenue, we begin keep marijuana out of all our kids hands……

Only Gary Johnson seems to offer this no- brainer.   “America!  I will give you  an additional $94 billion dollars if you let me help you keep your kids safe from marijuana.”   And people still want to vote for Republicans? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?