Not Obama versus Romney. That gets too polished.  No issues get covered.

If Obama was Teddy Roosevelt, here is how I see it happening.

Obama would challenge Nick Rahall, a Blue Dog Democrat to a series of debates in his home state of WV.  Nick would take the bait, because it would be a great way for him to solidify his stature above all future challengers, as being the one who represents WV’s true values.  And it would be a great debate, it would challenge the myths of the right, with the grind of government reality.

Why WV?  One, it needs to be in a conservative state, and I can think of no state that hates Obama more than WV.

Two, just having a president come to town can be a boom to the economy.  He will win friends on the inside if he simply does this.  Also, his visit will empower those silent in that state, who are afraid to speak up against the overwhelming anti-Obama chorus of their peers.  Perhaps that state is not as one sided as its vocal profile makes it look like after all.

Three.  The debate will be just awesome.   Two things will happen. One, those conservatives will see he is not the liberal demigod they are “told” he his.  (Yes, they believe what they are told there).  They will see he is a rational human being working within pretty tight parameters.  That is the first step; opening their hearts.  To be honest, all many West Virginians know of black people comes from Fox Television.  So this debate will a wall coming down event for most of them.

Second,  it will take liberal and conservative values, strip them bare, and let all see the fallacies of both, and the benefits of both.   The lies can be breeched:

Cutting taxes helps job creation:  answer, we’ve been cutting  taxes over and over for the past 12 years, where the jobs?  Instead of jobs we have bankrupt cities, states teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the Federal Government cutting 400,000 jobs, and a debt soaring into oblivion.  If we had just kept taxes where they were in 2000, when Bill Clinton left office,  our national debt would have been paid in full before I even came into office.

Big Government is Bad;  no one should tell me or my state what to do.   Answer:  we tried that.  The Articles of Confederation established a loose bunch of states, each acting like they were their own country, and that didn’t work.  Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Madison, Monroe, all said we need a stronger government. We need one entity in control.  How can we do this fairly?  And the Constitution was born.   Problem is, sometimes states can’t agree;  we need a higher authority to be the judge.  That authority is elected by all the people across this land.

In your defense, sometimes a government gets too big so it can’t know what is best for every single community.  I support that;  I too was once a community organizer.  However when it comes to taxes,  states alone simply can’t collect enough.  With gigantic multinational corporations, it takes a Federal Government to follow through and collect that money, and then, dispense it back down to the states.  If states need more leeway on how to spend that money, perhaps having the money returned with less strings attached,  then that is something I think we can agree on.  But this idea that “small government is good” does not square well in a global economy, with giants such as China, India, and all of Europe.  Not to pick on any one country, but if every state was just another Estonia, how would that help us?

You want to get religion out of government.  That is immoral…..

Answer:  you have God on the one hand, and government on the other…  I believe in God with all my heart.  For example,  I firmly believe that my being here is God’s will.  God has blessed me and my family and I am grateful.   There is a proper way to put God into government so hear me out till the end.  Government is about making decisions about people.  Sometimes those decisions are not always good.  Government to survive, must take money.  Sometimes a government to survive, must enforce the law and incarcerate people for really stupid petty crimes, but it is the law.  Sometimes a government must take your son or daughter, and expend him or her to protect this nation.  All these are bad things.. When you want to say we are a Christian nation,  that God is running our country,  then God then gets the full blame for all those terrible things.   God took my money; I’m not trusting him anymore;  God put my innocent Joey in jail:  I’m not trusting him anymore.  God took my son and killed him:  I am against God now….

None of those are good for society.  Our founding fathers actually lived under a church that was sanctioned by the state. The Church of England and the Royal Governor were closely entwined.  If you were a Baptist, the Governor would not hear your plea.  If you were a Presbyterian, the Governor would not hear your plea.  If you were a Catholic, the Governor (except in MD) would not hear your plea.  You could not get any redress from the colony or be heard for any grievance.  It is not surprising that the major force of the Independence movement came from those not of the Church of England, and those royalist who continued to support the King, were all of that same church….

Furthermore,  if you do choose to become an official  Christian nation, which religion will it be?  Probably Catholic, they are the largest denomination.   Are you prepared for an act of Congress that says the Eucharist will now become the body of Jesus the minute it touches your tongue?  Or a giant battle over how much all people must tithe their church on top of what they pay in taxes?

These are the demons that get unleashed when you try to put God into Government, and government into God.   There is a reason, and Jesus put it best that we give to God, what is God’s, and give to government (which he titled Caesar) what is the governments.   When you mix good and bad you water both sides  down.  Putting God into government will tarnish the image of God, even if for a moment it enhances the  godly perception of Government.

It is a very bad thing to mix the two.  Our founding fathers lived it, and they were pretty clear they wanted to keep the two separate.  Now, the way I mentioned, and it is what Americans have done effectively for 236 years, is elect people who have the same values as you.  That way,  you know when they go and come back, they did the best they could in their situation.  If our government is full of all good men,  there is a very good chance that God will work his will through that government a lot easier than if he had to deal with all the negativity of  having the US be called a Christian nation.   Not to mention, there are a lot of people like Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others who are here, because we have no state religion.  This is America; our motto is to welcome those not wanted elsewhere.

When no one wanted the Scotch-Irish; they were welcome here.  When no one wanted the Germans, they were welcome here. When no one wanted the Irish, they were welcome here.  When no one wanted the Italians, they were welcome here. When no one wanted the Poles, they were welcome here.   When no one wanted the Holocaust Jews, they were welcome here. And that is just up to the point where my generation began.  Since then, a lot more groups have come.

But I share your feelings for a sense of a loss of virtue.  There seems much less these days and in part, it may be due to the economy.  With everyone straining to stay alive, spending much more time and effort to keep their own nose above the water, more friction between people is expected.  When everyone is prospering, then getting along is second nature.  Which is why we need to have only Democrats in government during this next term so we can all get along and prosper.   As you see between me and Mr. Rahall, we democrats don’t always agree, but at least we are on the same side, so when compromise is necessary, unlike the Republicans, we can get it done.

If taxes go up, we can’t afford to live.  why do you insist on raising taxes?

Answer:  First remember this, during the most prosperous time of our nation’s history, the only time we ever had a balanced budget and a surplus to pay off debt, taxes were where they will go when these cuts expire.  So the argument that we cannot afford these taxes is  debatable.  For the wealthy, they can easily pay that amount.  For those of you  below $60,000, well since the Clinton era,  your insurance bills have gone up, your utility bills have gone up, your medical bills have gone up,   there are a lot of costs you are paying now that didn’t exist back then.  Which means out of your money you used to spend on yourself back then, the insurance companies are now sitting on part of that, the utilities are sitting on part, and medical companies are sitting on part of what used to be YOUR money.  They should be the ones paying those taxes; not you.  So there is a great chance, especially if you vote all Democrats in for every office this cycle that those under a certain income level will not pay any more in taxes. But you must give us only Democrats in office to get that done.

You want national health care.  No Obama care.

Answer:  When I was elected everywhere I went, Americans complained about their health care options.  They were paying more; and getting less and less.  The insurance companies were taking money from well people, and denying coverage to everyone who got sick.   I promised to fix that and did.  One thing you have to realize.  If you already have insurance, this will not affect you, accept give you more benefits than you had before.  This bill only makes a difference for those who are NOT happy with their current insurance plans or who have no insurance.  It use to be the insurance companies could tell you to go suck it.  Now, they can’t.  That is a huge win that people are just now discovering.

I’m sure history will look very kindly on this bill .  When we came in we looked around for the best model to build off .  That best model was my current opponent Mitt Romney’s health care plan.   The Republicans in Congress had added the exchanges as a part to provide competition and since that appeared to be the best bill out there, we used it…  I think history will be kind to me that I did not scrap the Republican plan just because it was Republican.   I used it in spite of it being Republican.  So when Republicans say the Obamacare is no good, they are in essence, saying Republicans are no good.

I agree.  That is why I encourage everyone within the sound of my voice, both here in the present and electronically, to realize the real reason America is foundering is because of the Republican reign of inadequacy and that any future Republicans getting elected to office, only acerbates the problem.

Ironically, and this is said humorously of course, since Republicans are against their own health care plan, it appears that in heart at least, they all agree with me: that Republicans should not be in government.

And just one more thing,  I know and follow the Mountaineers, and I know this is a rebuilding year for them too.  Just like they will rebuild and once again reign, so will we as America.  But it takes the right coach.  It takes the right coach.  You may have allegiances to someone else, but when you look at his record,  versus mine which has guided this nation through its roughest seas since the 40’s ,  it comes down to a simple statistic:  the number of games won, and the toughness of those opponents.   You may complain with how that coach handled one play, or another play, or should he have yelled or not yelled at a player, but in the end, it comes down to his record, and what conditions that record was achieved.  You can have a 10-0 record out West, and that doesn’t mean a thing.  But to have a 10-0 record here on the East Coast,  well that means something.  My guess, that coach who pulled some wins out of some very hairy situations, as opposed to one who has had a cake walk his whole career,  would be the one deserving of the title:  Head Coach of the  West Virginia Mountaineers.  That’s how I’d vote if I were on the Board of Trustees.

I can only hope that the same philosophy will prevail when you, the trustees of America,  sift through the facts before November  6th,  and decide on who really will be the better coach to lead us these next few tough seasons…..

May God bless both you, and the Mountaineers, and my God bless America.