If you didn’t live baseball, this is probably over your heads.  You can get background here.

But this just came out.  Eric Cantor, the Tea Party Republican who documented here was solely responsible for the Budget Crises of August 2011, who was solely responsible for the lowering of America’s Standard and Poors Rating, who was solely responsible for the stock market crash and ensuing two quarters of luckluster growth that put the recovery back on its heels as well as putting many out of work,  that Eric Cantor who killed the $4 Trillion agreement between Speaker Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the White House, actually heavily bought US Treasuries short in late June and early July.

When you buy something short, it means you make money when they lose value.  In baseball terms, it means you bet on an outcome and then use your position to “throw the game”…

There is no difference between what Eric Cantor did, and what Pete Rose did.  The only possible explanation is that Congress is not run by standards of excellence as high as that of baseball.

It needs to be.

Eric Cantor is not in your district.  But, you can take it out on Republicans.  All of them.  If they feel your anger, your hate, your passion, your fire, it will be a long time before the likes of  Eric Cantor return to the hallowed halls of Congress.

This is corruption in its most viable form.

How can you deny Pete Rose his spot in history, when you have someone much, much worse as second in command of the Republican Party?