Start with Mitt Romney’s vision for education, ranked in order of priority.

Break up unions.

Privatize Public Education.

Cram students into classrooms;  Class size doesn’t matter.

When performance drops in those swollen classes;  fire the teachers. 

Slash state supported higher educational funding.  Students can borrow more if they  want to learn. 

Education is about tomorrow’s workforce.  These policies will leave many behind.   Meaning if Romney gets elected, the America of our future, will be very sick indeed.

Of course, we could have a very hopeful optimistic American society, if we’d just tax the wealthy what ever it takes to rebuild this nation,  and then move on.

As one democrat, I forget who it was, put so well back in the 60’s,

“The wealthy don’t need more money; it’s the poor who do.  If you’re going to give America’s money away to someone, give it to the poor….  If for the only reason, so they can then buy your products….”