Mitt Romney Freaking That His Own Program Passed The Supreme Court

Hube will back me up on this first part. Unlike him I have vague distant memories of comic book plots (unfortunately I was the one always being shown them, and never got to read them twice) but it usually went like this. The standard plot form was that an evil villain suddenly appeared; he wrought destruction; the forces of good were not strong enough to win, in fact they got devastated, appeals go out for a super hero; a weak super hero shows first, almost dies, the main superhero arrives just in time, fights and vanquishes the villain, and peace is restored,

We see the same with Republicans and a piece of legislation that has many benefits. The Affordable Health Care Act.

At first, it was a 41 majority in the Senate that was going to overturn their own version of Health Care. Then, as that began to crumble under the independence of Maine’s constituency who liked the idea of Health Care that was affordable, they turned to insurance advertising. When that failed, and the bill was passed, they turned to the courts. When the supreme court failed, they turned to the next election. If you read news reports today, the Republican party is crowing that big donors are funnelling money their way.

They are cajoling the undermining of the American process by spending great sums of money. They are extolling the buying of elections. They are writing off every man, woman, and child who votes in favor of the almighty dollar.

They are actually praising the corruption of the system, because that is their new superhero. Big money will sweep in, change the election, and Americans will once again choose to have Republicans pass the new Unaffordable Health Care Act.

Obviously they are panicking that in 2014, it just perhaps might come to pass: Insurance companies won’t be able to drop you when you become sick!!! .. Heavens, if that happens that will just kill profits.

Remember people, the choice is simple. The Affordable Health Care Act of Obama, versus the Un-Affordable Health Care Act of Romney and the Republicans.

The wealthy fat cats are being hailed as the new superhero’s. Unfortunately they’re only 1% of the population; they just don’t have the votes. I wonder who Republicans will turn to next. Oh, Donald Trump.
The Next Superhero for Republicans