Con’s against Illegal Immigration.
Lowering wage rates
Sapping our entitlement system
Lack of accountability; no drivers liscense, no insurance
Not fair to those waiting in line.
Two language society.

Pro’s for Making Illegal Immigrants Legal
Acquisition of Drivers Licenses = Accountability to the law.
Can report employers attempting to pay under minimum wage.
Can get private insurance, and not sap hospitals with free medical
Forces those waiting first in bureaucratic lines through faster.
One people; one language.

If you are like me, you can see the answers are pretty apparent. Both side’s arguments get solved, by making the 16 million people living, working, raising families here, legal. The only argument that does not get solved, and it is irrelevant, is that since I don’t like them, they can’t be here. That is your personal problem and I suggest you get over it.

Worried about the downward pressure of wages? Unionize them. Most would be glad to join, and then wages begin climbing for all.

Giving them legal status, means they can buy medical insurance from their employer. Their employer pays the medical cost and passes it on in every product. It is not paid by every other insurer out of THEIR premiums.

Every illegal citizen would love a drivers license. They want them so bad, there is an entire cottage industry that forges them, then sells them for a hefty price. Help make all drivers licenses legal. Legalize the owner so he can get a valid one.

Use the forced legalization of Mexican residents, to purge our lists of those who have played by the rules and waited in line. Fill the Rose Bowl up, swear them in, and be done with it. Once the books are clear, we can begin processing those who have been in this nation 20 years, then work backwards. Those on the list would find they “owe” the original wetbacks for taking care of the red tape placed there for no reason, other than make it appear hard to enter the USA legally.

And if you require English as the language of choice, go ahead, and make it a requirement for citizenship. You want citizenship, you can learn English. They don’t have to know the kings English, because no one knows the Kings English in America. We need to be loose with the difficulty of our English tests, or be fair, and make rednecks, inner city blacks, and gays from Provencetown, lose their citizenship until they can speak with American accents too… 🙂

So you see, … making those who have lived here 20 years in the shadows breaking numbers of laws to look like model citizens and respectable members of society, is rather easy.

It’s just prejudice that stands in the way. And boy, do they hate Mexicans in Arizona.