Unemployment Since Clinton

I was responding on  Allan Loudell’s blog  at the WDEL website, and in doing so uncovered these facts which showed up on my search engine.  Posting them there sort of interrupted the flow, so I wanted to preserve them here.  (plus I can find things here easier than I can things over there)…

But we were arguing over facts, and I was bemoaning that from arguments made by others,  it was obvious that facts were not a part of the conversation.

In business, one of the first things taught to gobbling freshmen, is that opinions are dangerous.  Stick to facts.

Meaning that saying I love fruity drinks; I will get rid of everything else, focus on fruity drinks, and make millions, might lead me to financial ruin.  Fact: fruity drinks make 1.6% of all beverages sold.

If my market is 4000 people. I’m not going to do well.

Politics is a different animal. If you can trick someone to voting for the wrong person, you win.  Even if everyone else loses because the wrong person can’t string two thoughts together, much less, act on a plan to make America better.

But, facts have a way of rising too the top.. unless our course, you bribe everyone who gets listened too.

Here is what the Federal Reserve is saying, most of who individually would probably support Romney if that decision were to be based on their income alone,  so I give credence to the validity of their argument.  For if your enemies grudgingly accept your own accomplishments, then there is a good chance those accomplishments  are probably true…

Test yourself.  Did you , or did you not already know these Federal Reserve facts to be true?

3,745,000 jobs gained since “trough” of recession.

4,248,000 private sector jobs gained since the “trough” of the recession.

Difference is the 503,000 jobs eliminated by the Tea Party Republicans.

26 months of private-sector job growth.
19 months of over all job growth.

No net jobs have been lost since September 2010 (19 months) when the last of the Census 2010 workers were let go.

Have any private jobs been lost (net) over the past 26 months?  NO.

One would think the polices would be working.