There is managerial comfort in allowing the Electoral College to continue. It forces accountability. Each state is accountable for their votes… If something goes wrong, we can pinpoint the location rather quickly, and follow up with criminal actions….

Here is how it works. People working in a state usually have a feel for how things are going. Usually it turns out just the way they feel. With the current Electoral College system in place, each state must account for all it’s votes, in order to designate to whom those electoral votes shall go.

if they go to the wrong person, heads look up real quick. How can that be? Let’s look at the totals. Ahhh, here is the anomaly. This precinct. Why, there are more votes than voters registered there.

We can pinpoint the mistake, because everyone is accountable for their piece…

That is how we found out that Ohio’s total in 2004, was sent to the Republicans IT division, and then sent back to Ohio, declaring Bush the winner there over Kerry… We had accountability, and people looking…

Now, imagine the alternative. Ron Paul wins the presidency on a write-in campaign.. There is no electoral college. There is no accountability. There is no paper trail.. Just the totals on the computer screen. How can that be? Without individual states looking or recording their results, how do you prove the popular vote to be just exactly what is being reported?

Where in the United States did it happen? Who made the mistake if it was one, maybe someone shifting a decimal point? If so, in what state? What county? What precinct? What ward? … Is that national vote total, for real?

Without the electoral college there is no credibility. We are essentially the Ukraine. Paul Ryan is going to be the new president, oops, a mistake, no it is Harry Reid who will be our new president, oh, darn, no it is now Mitch McConnell… What? now it is Joe Biden? For real?

Of course the argument will arise, that our national election process will continue the same, states will still be accountable… To some extent they will. But in one’s life, say at work, how much care and concern and effort, do you really put into a project that no one is going to even look at? My guess, not much? You will instead put that time and effort into the one that shows up on your bosses desk.. Don’t feel disappointed. It is human nature.

Politics is sometimes rather bitter. In a heated contest, if there were no referees, would the legitimacy of the games outcome have credibility? If the score was lopsided, perhaps. But if it was decided by one point, and calls that normally would have been outlawed by a referee took place, then the losing team is not going to accept the verdict. It is human nature.

The Electoral College acts like a referee. Yes, sometimes referee’s do make bad calls. Often though, they make good ones. The question we need to ask ourselves, is whether, if we have a heated contest, can we afford to have no referees watching the proceedings?