Republicans.. you have today and tomorrow to get yourselves out of that ridiculous party of yours, that wastes your vote every time you poll, and come over to the democratic side, where you, you get the chance to determine your representative, not just vote up or down on that representative once he’s been chosen.

Likewise, Independents. You signed up as an Independent because you thought it more patriotic to be the judge, than jury. You didn’t know that party rules would force out your opinion, except on just one day of the year.

You probably envisioned that one day, a different party, the Independent Party, or Libertarian Party, or Constitutional Party, would rise up and you’d be at the forefront leading the way.

It hasn’t happened. You have little over 24 hours to get real in time for this years primary….

Remember. This is not about who your are. You are not a typical Democrat because you signed up to vote in a Democratic Primary. You are still you, the same you who signed up for one of the other two categories…

The only difference is that now, you actually have a voice in determining who will be your local representative. It’s the only way to go when you are in the minority. You play on the level where you can make a difference.

So in a state, that is 95% Democratic, (ignore the official figures; just not all Democrats vote).. you have to impact that choice, if you want government to represent you…

Remember values are great to talk about. They do dick in the real world. Power is something we don’t talk about. But power, is the only thing that will do real dick in the real world.

Without power, you are a bubble swept along with the current. It is time you realized that, and start working on changing the current…

All you registered as third party out there; whether Libertarians, Institutionalists, Republicans, or other. You have very little time left. Change that affiliation before you time passes and you regret you didn’t.