You cute little witch, you.... Photo Courtesy of CNN

I love it best when she wiggles her little nose… mmmmmph. 

PAC  Christine has been active.

Taking in contributions amounting to $70,462 over the first quarter of 2012, she has so far managed to spend out of that, $60,026… Considering she only had  $10,259 at the beginning of the period, she has doubled her cash in hand, and will be starting out the next period, with $20,696.

From whom did the money come?

She received $9345 from Capitol Lists.  She received $5156 from Campaign Solutions. She received $5667 from Newsmax. And from the Prosper Group out of Greenwood Indiana, she took in $48,239.

Oh, and yes… she had one individual contributor, a Benjamen Bennett, out of Tamarac, Florida.  He dropped $500.


And so, where did it get spent?


$8567 went to a local resident, Annette Burgess, head of the Rail Splitters Society, and is listed as PAC expense. $1500 went to Patricia Quinn, in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, listed as PAC Project Counseling.  $6170 went to Jennifer Warren, residing in Moorestown, New Jersey.  The total for these three people socked up $16,237.

The other $43,786 over the first three months of the year, went to pay for normal things.  Insurance ate up $3182.  Legal fees $5046; Black Rock wanted their $7500. The IRS wanted their $5000. Banks wanted their $233 in fees. Trips cost $.2665. TLS Solutions charged a consulting fee of $1575. (means she chose not to go with them).. For her meeting she has $305 in books printed up, rented $450 in office equipment, paid roughly $170/per month for her cable bill ($505); And her PAC rent from Mid Atlantic Reality, at $1600 per month. ($4800)… And Delmarva got paid this time: $273.

Then their was $1500 in public relations counseling. administered by Shirley & Bannister Public Affairs, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Magic.  Then there was $6014 to Professional Data Services listed for PAC Compliance Counseling. 

There are a couple of take aways here.  First, this is why we require  candidates to list file their reports.

Second, when you get that email, that pleads with you to part with your money, remember there is a huge industry that requires a candidate to spend lavishly to maintain their lifestyles. I wonder if poor Grandma Moses in backward Tennessee, knows this when she choses to send her $35 to PAC Christine, money intended to be used for groceries, but since she was dying anyway, she thought it would be better spent to preserve conservative values.

I wonder if she realizes it is mostly going to Fairfax County, VA, and into hands of people making over $1 million or more?  

And particularly, these corporations or LLC’s?  They are using these candidates to prey on the unsuspecting, in order to generate huge blocks of money for themselves…  I’ll leave you with what one of these businesses said about Christine O’Donnell….

“Few people represent the Tea Party ideals and the incredible 2010 fervor to win the Senate better than Christine O’Donnell. This list contains dedicated conservative donors who share those ideals. They were on the front lines strongly supporting candidates across the country and will do so again. These donors are ready and willing to step up and give to help return our country to its Constitutional principles.

This is a must try for your next conservative mailer.  Sample required with all orders and commission of 20% to all recognized brokers. Pricing and selects are subject to reciprocal charges”