It seems like only recently that atrocities are cropping up in Afghanistan. They may have been on going, but the rash today could be explained by the long years, and many repeat tours, which have taken a toll on our best and brightest.

War is not grade school. War takes a toll. And using the same people over and over, would cause the breaking down of moral fiber.

When you are in an impossible situation for a very long time, and it seems like it is such an absurd environment so that old rules don’t apply; you tend to take those old rules for granted. Instead you move yourself into a surreal world; one where your emotions impact your perception of reality.

These atrocities are not new to mankind. If you haven’t fought, just going to the movies should give you enough perspective to understand why these men react they way they do.

What’s different lately, is not that our men are acting like barbarians. Instead, it is that they are not acting to the highest standards possible. That is the norm for the US military. But after being there too long, they are acting like normal men. Like men in every other army.

The same situation is occurring in our high schools. Currently Christina School District has three teacher incident investigations on going. Three. All three of these people would not doubt, still be teaching, had they not been forced to survive the bizarre environment that is high school for so long. An incident came up, and that part of us that constantly protects us from over reacting except in dire emergencies, released that pent up anger prematurely.

We blame the teacher because it isn’t something all teachers are doing.

However we need to look at the system, the way the military is looking at solving their problem. Which is that men have been fighting longer than WWII without a break.

Our schools need more money, not cuts. We need to raise money. The General Assembly should double resources this year and raise tax rates to cover it.

We’re done trying to stretch our schools thinner.. It is time to start building them back.