Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains….

Someone mentioned in conversation recently, which I believe was centered around music, that John Denver died too young…..

Sad to say, but with Tuesday’s primary results, he is perhaps better off not to have to forbear his association with that state right now.

Just in case you haven’t heard, West Virginia primaried a felon in prison against Obama, and the felon got 41% of the vote.

There is a thread over at Delaware Liberal whose comment stream should be read.

I’m sure West Virginians thought they were making a statement about Obama… When actually they were making a sad statement about themselves… I’m sure West Virginians were trying to say, we’d rather have a felon then have Obama.. They would be wise to remember their Lord and Savior, standing next to Pilate, was dissed by the very people he’d tried to teach and save, for a felon by the name of Barrabas. Instead, they made themselves, as did the Jews on the first Good Friday, look like laughingstocks among the stupidest people imaginable.

Emotions are transient, but a vote is permanent. Seriously, West Virginia? 41% of you would put a felon in the White House? What does that say about you? That you hate the United States of America so much, you don’t care if a felon gets in and steals everything? That you seriously don’t understand government to the point that you would vote in a felon, who himself is banned from voting, to run the country?
Are you seriously that stupid, to think, that voting in a felon sends a message? Well it does, and that message it sends, makes every incest joke, every hillbilly joke, every racist joke, every Goober joke, every hick joke, every dumbass joke, every West Virginian joke, a lot more believable now.

Those of us who’ve defended you, talking about your higher morals, your higher standards of ethics, you willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt, your deep religious nature, are now shutting the fuck up. You’ve made so just defending you, makes US the butt of jokes.. Well it ain’t happening here..

I’m not defending you. I can’t. No one can. What you did was so stupid, you’ve probably damaged your state more than you will ever know…

Think about it. You just ruined WVU… From this point forward, at every televised game, every announcer will jump on the crack your state almost voted in a felon, and an ugly one at that, to be president of the United States of America. It doesn’t matter how good your football team is. Everyone is going to be talking about how stupid people in West Virginia are. How backwards. How retarded. How ridiculous.

It will of course, be blamed, (as it always is by Jay Leno), on you guys fucking your cousins, making them pregnant, then marrying them and inbreeding 18 children who will then repeat the process. But after your decision, in people’s minds, it’s the only way that rational people will be able to explain what you’ve done.

And when your pride and joy, WVU competes for top notch players? Put yourself in a prospective player’s shoes the minute after he tells his girlfriend he’s going to WVU. What young man wants to be labeled as a dumb hillbilly? Not me. I’ll take Clemson. or Duke, or Kentucky… I won’t play for a team carrying the name of a state that voted for a felon to be president of the United States of America. Without top notch players, how will your team win? Without winning, who is going to pay big television money to watch. West Virginia used to the the brunt of sports jokes. I remember back when Penn State beat them 50 times in a row? Well, get used to that again.

Do you realize your action probably cost your state university, WVU, at least $400,000,000 over the next ten years? It will take that long before people finally forget, or stop blaming you, and move on.

And what corporate interest is now going to move into West Virgina. What business will want your state’s name on their corporate letterhead. “Yes, our headquarters are in the state that voted 40% to put a felon in the White House”. Do you realize you’ve probably cost your state a minimum of $10 billion over the next ten years for your action?

What were you thinking? That this would embarrass Obama and make you look tough?

Well, it backfired. Everyone is talking instead about how stupid you are. About how idiotic, dumb, hateful, disgusting, sick, creepy, unDeliverancable, (even the word suck-ass was used) you are…

Sorry, … you guys did it. You must now live by your actions. Don’t waste your breath trying to defend your stance here or elsewhere. You just cost WVU the National football title. You just lost any hope of economic recovery. Whatever it was you thought… it is now your problem.

There were less harmful ways. You could have not voted. You could have written in. But your choice, to vote for the stupidest looking person on the face of the planet, and a felon to boot, as your choice for President… well, you will have to lay in the bed you made.

It didn’t hurt Obama. It actually helped. Everyone who supports Romney, is now being identified with you… and if they’re seeing in that picture what we’re seeing, they don’t want be in the same room with you, on the same team as you, or in the same political tent as you…

Ewwwwwwwww…. You are so disgusting. Don’t even want to look at you. Get back in your hole.