To understand this year’s New Castle County School Board Elections you need to see


The DSEA has always sponsored candidates for school board elections. And usually there was little opposition. After all?  What crazy parent would run or even vote against his child’s teacher or that candidate who she was supporting?


Except that this organization supporting those hard working people called teachers… is a union….

And unions, are bad for business, or so says….Marvin N. “Skip” Schoenhals, head of WSFS Bank…( a good bank btw, one that did not make the mistake and sidestepped around the hole Wilmington Trust fell headfirst into…)

As Delaware Libertarian points out, at the state Chamber of Congress dinner, “Skip” To My Lou stood up and said…. ” Unions are bad… they hamper progress….” a statement subsequently verified by the News Journal.

So…. are these nasty school board elections about kids?  HA, HA, HA, HA, HA…..

No, it is about busting up unions… And the easiest ones to bus up, are the ones paid for with taxpayer’s funds..  After all, you can’t blame the corporation for making way too much money at the expense of workers, when it is  “WE, the people”  ourselves who are paying all the salaries…

Ingenious. Kill the unions that are publicly funded, then… use that success to get rid of union rights all together… ‘Tis a consummation, devoutly to be wished!”…

Wisconsin, did that. Indiana, did that. Ohio, didn’t quite do that, they voted no.

When a businessman or government official proposes to do away with a union, he is saying this; make them work for less so all that extra money comes to me… Pure and simple.

In real life outside Republican fantasy world,  the converse is actually true. If you have too much money to spend wisely, you should be investing that excess in the local economy. If you aren’t doing it willingly, then we, this county’s citizens,  should do it for you….

Ever wonder what $1 Billion extra dollars dropped into little ole Delaware’s economy each quarter, would do for unemployment? For sales? For profits?  For salary increases?  For your bank account?  For your alimony payment (ok, don’t go there)?

That’s what unions do. Instead of companies making $4 billion in profit a year and sucking it out of the local economy, a company, because of union negotiations, now takes only $3.9 billion out of the economy but that $100 million in union scale wages, goes right into our dealerships, our banks, our grocery stores, our restaurants, and our movie theaters, not to mention Christiana and Concord shopping malls.

That’s what unions do. They shave off a bigger piece of the pie, and let that shaving percolate upward through our economy.   Of course, “Skip” gets all  mopey because he no longer gets his 10% commission off that $100 million, (THAT’S  $10 MILLION DOLLARS to the non-mathematically inclined).. so he’s all sad-faced. (Well, in his defense, I’d be mopey if I didn’t get $10 million dollars)…

So the reason, this school board elections are being run by Nasty Boys?… Unions.

Would this much money be spent just to help the kids know right from wrong (I mean right from left (lol really I mean “wrong” from left))?  If you really believe it, then why do these new PAC supporters avidly and vocally complain about how much their school tax assessment (far less than they are spending to rig the school boards) is for Delaware’s education?

Just stop… and think…. for a moment…. (and count the ellipses…. lol….)

Isn’t there something sinister, when a company or single individual complains vociferously about being taxed too much for schools, then throws that much doubled, into stacking the school board with people who will do away with unions?

Ahhhhhh… now the nastiness on both sides… makes sense…..

And did you ever stop to wonder why no one has seen or heard of Janet Jackson, ever since Michael Jackson died?

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