Occupy Delaware has been whittled down to a tiny group.

But today, just as the 12:00 beginning of the rally began, the sun burst through the dreary day, and the sky turned blue….  It was the best omen of the day.

If you saw them, you would have said…” this is it?”  The vast encampment is now whittled down to three camping tents and the mess tent…  Spencer Square is now ready for spring.

Later around 4:00 the group tried to block 10th and Market.   6 people stood in the intersection, one carrying an American flag, as traffic weaved around them.  A crowd at the bus stops off Rodney Square, stopped to watch.  Within 10 minutes two police cruisers pulled up and the demonstration dispersed peacefully.

Seeing videos of this action made me realize when you have a demonstration without  the fear-factor of large amounts of people, it looks silly.  I would equate this demonstration with say, seeing a flash mob show up in the Opera House and do the dougie…  Interesting.  Weird, a little bit confusing.  These words come to mind how one feels….

The message which is very important. ….   we’re getting eaten by corporate piranha.. little bite by little bite and they are taking our flesh fast and furious is being blocked by the emotional pull back of “eww these people are weird….”

Now I want to make it clear.  These people are not weird.   In fact they remind me of the everyday continental soldier who gave up everything they had, only to walk in snow with bare feet.  Now these people are not 9/12 patriots; these people are real patriots.   (The 9/12 patriots act like the Royalists; supporting the powerful status quo.)….

Their idea is good.  It just got sprung too fast…   A general strike needs to be called… on a day far advanced that we can adequately plan for it…..

I think loving symbolism as I do, it should be the day after labor day… In fact, laborers should take that Tuesday off stretching out the holiday weekend by one more day…. 9/5 Tuesday should be our general strike.

We are striking so the 1 percent knows the 99% is capable of….. No work, no school, and all citizens should no go in on that day…..  The ones who do go in, should be beaten up…. (just kidding, lol)….

But that is something that could take off.  Hell, even if I didn’t care about Occupy or corporate greed, I’d support the strike just so I could spend another day at the beach….