The window is closing.  But there still is time.

I hate to say it, but America is falling apart.  Bereft of new ideas; blank on trust, and yet, still full of good people.  Little by little like piranha bites, more and more tiny pieces get taken out, before we can pull ourselves out of the water.

There is one way to change it.  Bear me out.

You offer a challenger, one who is a leader, one who ignites the population.  The solutions are there:  yes, we’ll have to fix Medicare and social security….. sorry that is unpopular, but the writing on the wall says it has to be done…

Yes, we will have to go to single payer.   sorry that is unpopular, but the writing on the wall says it has to be done…..

Yes. we will have to break up our large monopolies…. sorry that is unpopular, but the writing on the wall says it has to be done.

Yes, we will have to generate more revenue… That means raise taxes… sorry that is unpopular, but the writing on the wall says it has to be done…..

Everyone is scared to fix these… Of whom?  Funny thing is, they don’t really know… But whomever it is, they’ll tell you, they are out there….

I disagree with this cowardice.  I think that a person who has ideas that will fix a problem is more of a man than those who pretend the problem isn’t there.

I could be different than the rest of you, I don’t know.   But that just makes sense to me…   I know that if I had an underling who fixed problems for me, I’d promote him before I’d do it to someone who was slick, and always ran from risk.

So, here’s the path.

Someone well versed in solutions, makes a run against an incumbent Democrat from the left.  That will do two things.  Either he will win, or he will cause the other candidate to come out of his shell and be forced to go on record to support the left.   In other words, we need to primary a blue dog who is too big to fail…

What that does is show a markable line, of  where America’s electorate stands.    We’ve seen how minimal conservative turnout is.   We’ve seen exactly how tiny is that sliver of population in which conservative tendencies prevail…  Oh, the main stream media led us to believe that conservatives are this gigantic force who may topple Obama in November….

Well, ………….  where are these Conservatives who think they will topple Obama in  November?   They didn’t show up in Iowa?  They didn’t show up in New Hampshire?  They didn’t show up in South Carolina?  They didn’t show up in Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Louisiana,  Florida….  Just where is this paper tiger lurking?  The one we are all supposed to be sooooooo afraid of?

That scenario on the other side, explains why we need to primary our incumbent who is too big to fail.    We need to see how many people are progressive.  Where is the line?  After the primary, we will know.

Our current representatives  think Delaware is more right than it really is.   That is what they are told by people who make their livings off of political races.  Obviously those people will tell candidates whatever it is that guarantees them a job.  If there IS a giant conservative force,  a candidate needs to spend millions to keep his seat.   We need to stop listening to the professionals, and look at who is actually voting.  It sure isn’t conservatives.

But since we have only had to compare our Senator against Bill Roth in recent memory,  in this state we have an untested model ….  No one knows where the number line that separates the progressive (thoughtful) souls from the conservative(lazy) in our party,… lies…

Can a progressive win in Delaware, a state that is safely blue?   If yes, …then there is something solid in the ideas that progressives offer.   That,  is the direction that Americans want this nation to go.  If no, then we’ll all know.