It means the Conservative Movement has tanked under economic pressure.  The reality of the results  bequeathed from years of Conservative fiscal policy,  have undone the Conservative movement completely.   We have hard empirical evidence to prove it.

The facts laid out.

No real strong Conservative contender stepped up to the plate.

The front runner is a moderate in social values and fiscal policy.

Santorum dropped out because it became apparent that even he as a conservative would overwhelmingly lose in his home state.

The conservatives lost out 4 years ago, when Republicans overwhelmingly went with John McCain.

Many thought Newt would win in Delaware, because just two years ago, Christine O’Donnell thumped  moderate Mike Castle out of office..  Delaware’s own head of the Republican Party switched her vote from Romney to Gingrich to help his cause.

But Romney, in that very state, carried it handsomely. 56-27….Over all 28, 501 people voted…  That means that out of Delaware’s total population, the amount of people WHO EVEN CARED ENOUGH TO VOTE to order maintain Conservatism as a viable political force, were roughly out of 907,135 our current population, the teeniest sliver of  3.141%… (ha, ha, the exact first four digits of pi)…

Out of this tiniest sliver, the combined amount for Newt and the ghost of Santorum, 9021 (ha, ha, the first 4 digits of Beverly Hill’s zip code)… come up in the percent department at….0.99444%….

Truly the 1%….

And just to put it into proper perspective,  the Constitution Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Socialist Workers Party, had a combined total of 1.2% during the last presidential election.

Conservatism is dead.  It is buried, the death certificate is signed.   From this point forward,  when someone speaks out as a conservative, they need to be treated as we would treat a socialist workers party member…

“Umm ,… that may sound nice, but……”