If I were a leader, this is how I would fix the world.

I would raise taxes on the top % to the levels of  WWII.  That was 94% if you can’t remember.  The world was in a meltdown then,  just as it is now.

Europe is now $15 trillion in debt, and  so is the US.  That is $30 trillion globally.  China is the only one solvent, but they can’t bail out $30 Trillion.    Something has to crash.  As we saw four years ago,  Lehman Brothers flinched just a little, and the whole economy crashed.

Anyways, I don’t need to prove the world is in dire straits.  I need to fix it.

So, as in WWII, the US raises taxes.  The tax law is changed so any business that puts profit into physical capital, can write that amount off in full for that year…  So, it forces anyone who wants to keep some of their money, to invest it back into their business, their people and their infrastructure.

It completely changes the battlefield.   For what’s the point of making money if you have to fork it over to the Feds?

So you grow your business and report a loss.

That growth grows jobs.  More people are needed, building construction trades go through the roof, and wages rise.

The increase in demand, means businesses make money.

As money passes hands, our tax revenue goes up.  Both for states, local governments, as well as the Federal Treasury.

This is not a pipe dream.  American corporate profit was $1.7 Trillion in just a few days. (one quarter)…  Imagine if all that pumped directly into the Treasury?

At just one  Trillion a quarter (leaving a cushion of $700 billion, the debt would be down to $11 Trillion in one year, and $7 Trillion in the second, and $3 Trillion in the third…  If profits were higher,  that time span would be faster.

What the Bush Tax Cuts did, was reward companies for raping their businesses instead of nurturing them.  Up until that time the tax structure made investing in ones business a wise decision.

What the Bush Tax Cuts did, was reward companies who took their money overseas instead of investing here in the US.   It made money sense to take money one made here, after all that was where the consumers were, and invest it overseas where costs were cheaper, and bring it back to sell over here.  Prior, it made sense to put your money over here and call it an expense to write against your income made.   That is why, with the old tax code, we had jobs here….

So you can yell at other people.  Like say it’s the fault of the Chinese.  It is the fault of the Mexicans.   It is the fault of  Mormans, lol…   Such accusations are all false.  They just took advantage of the opportunity we created when we gave corporations too much money to handle responsibly …

As soon as we raise our taxes, and simultaneous handsomely reward those who build physical capital, we will get our economy back.

And we would have had this a long time ago,…  But for Republicans….   They have stopped this from taking effect.  It is time to roll over this silly notion that low taxes do anything better than make us a third world nation, and return to what we know and if old enough, remember what worked so well….

Tax the shit out of them…..  But let them keep it if they can bury it into physical capital…

I’d do this.  The economy would begin roaring in three months, and by the second year, we’d be well on our way….

You just can’t vote for a Republican though.  They are the real enemy of the state.   Right Romney?