The House of Representatives passed CISPA late last night.   It passed 248 – 168.  Delaware’s John Carney voted for it…

Most of you know it is bad, but don’t know why…

CISPA is a bill to create better collusion between giant businesses and government.  The idea came about that if China staged an attack,  on banks, water towers, and the Pentagon, with the sharing of information, we would be aware it was a large scale attack in real time, and not, after each department had reported they were down.

The main force behind the bill is that it protects private companies from being sued for turning over information that was so private, it could not have been turned over under previous laws, such as the National Security Act of 1947.   It also removes the protections inside the Wiretap Act and Electronic Communications Privacy Act, that helped keep our private matters private.

The fear is that without lawsuits, there will be no protection with how ones privacy issues get flung around.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Netflix  (many of which are supporting CISPA) are facing dozens of privacy-related lawsuits — CISPA might be a way to sidestep some of these.

Furthermore, the government could utilize CISPA to remove all civil liberties.

So we have all these negatives, with no positives.

The bill, as most actions passed by Congress these days, falls short in what it is supposed to do…

Obviously if we have less threats and less vulnerabilities, we have a safer Internet.  So far the system has worked where if a worm appears, a patch is created to patch that hole.  The vulnerabilities continue to exist, but once a patch is created,  their effectivness is over.

CISPA takes a different approach.  If the current system is defensive, the CISPA takes the offensive approach.   The  CISPA acts like our CIA,  looking through every file, trying to find out as much as it can, and thereby have the patch in advance of the problem…

CISPA allows a knucklehead like me, who thinks he knows everything, to say, you know, Dave Burris has been quiet for a while.  He must be up to something.  And just on that flimsy pretext alone, everything of Dave’s is captured, stored, and analyzed.   In todays corrupt society, all it takes is a dollar of the correct dimension, and Dave’s secrets are now the property of someone else.  Dave gets mad, sues, and finds he can’t.  Because of CISPA.

Just to be fair, let’s say Jason and Deldem, are both writing less.  Both has said incendary things about Republicans… Suddenly, dirt, long buried, long fogotten is getting flung around.  Whisper campaigns start and pretty soon, Jason and Deldem are feeling like pariahs.  They have no idea why.  When they find out, turns out it was over a typo.  They didn’t say what they where secretly blamed.  They try to sue, and sorry, can’t… it’s CISPA.

The current insurance commissioner has bad feelings about Mitch Crane.  She tells the large insurers and they pull pictures out of Mitch’s file from college.  Those get published and Mitch spends all his time defending his actions, he never gets to say what a crook the current insurance commissioner is…

Furthermore, as EFF point out, CISPA doesn’t help us average Americans. If a potential threat is discovered,  it’s defense, is only good as long as the enemy, doesn’t know we know how to defeat it.  Therefore, a patch is made, but, it must be kept secret.  Just like when we cracked the code of Hitler,  a lot of security went into keeping that fact secret so the code would continue…

What CISPA does, is if it finds a potential threat, it creates a patch and gives it to only a very select few.   The rest of us are hung out in the wind, our computers crash, and only those, who have the secret, are up and running.

I’m sure as I’m explaining these implications, you can begin to see why the Obama Administration says it will veto this.

It shifts more power away from us to the corporate and privileged class.

In a nutshell, the principal of this bill is this:  China and Russia have been protecting their cyber security for years.   The communist establishment moved seamlessly into controlling the Internet of the private sector.  We just started.  This bill makes us more like China and Russia….

The gut felt antagonism against this bill, ….  is that WE don’t want to live like Chinese of Russians….

We’re Americans… This bill will change that….

Contact John Carney here.   Let him know that he needs to update himself on cyber-security and not take what he gets told for granted…. He made a mistake.  A big one.  If you are a Republican reading this, here is your issue.  You got him.

If this bill passes, nothing of your’s, mine, or his life, is private anymore.