I was pleased to see Priscilla Rakestraw switch her vote to Newt.  She did so for the right reason.

Newt has been here and Romney came only to give a shout out to a Hogwarts’ staff member.

Yep, that is about it.

Someone on another blog brought up the comparison that was rather fitting.  They said  Mitt Romney was just like Neville Chamberlain, the British appeaser  at the start of WWII., one who likes and says “yes” to everything.   Newt Gingrich, is the Winston Churchill…

That has a ring of truth.  Both on the first hearing level, (and going ha ha, that’s funny), and on the final analysis, where all the facts are on the table, and when a final decision must be made.

Like Winston, Newt is a flawed individual..  But like Winston,  who warned the British that arming themselves was safer than negotiating,  Newt has been consistent.

Romney, has been for a lot of stuff before he was against it… (Must be something in the Boston water supply I’d surmise.)

If America were to come under attack, a simple question suffices:  who would you want in control?  Someone running around the White House going, “what should I do, what should I do, what’s the latest poll say”?  or someone who instinctively knows when it is time to hit back, and how to motivate a nation to do so….?

In the give and take of real life… we are often required by our own institutions to follow the direction they seem to be taking us.  It would behoove any elected official to piss off their constituents.  And I have been harsh on Priscilla for some of her statements, which were made because of her party’s wing’s sentiments.

But, I have always felt, that if one choses to castigate those with whom one disagrees with when they are wrong, it becomes a moral obligation to applaud them when they do what humans do best, and stand up for what they believe, even when it bucks the system that supports them.

Priscilla and I have disagreed on a lot.  But she needs to be applauded for her courage to stand up to Mitt Romney’s machine, and realize that putting a Neville Chamberlain in our White House, may be expedient for the moment, but have everlasting consequences to the health and wealth of the United States of America…..

I can only hope, Delaware citizens, also recognize the danger and vote against the machine….

After all, as our lives become more electronically organized around that little thing we carry in our pockets, it becomes more and more important that we put a real man in charge.

Well done, Priscilla … well done….