It is pretty simple.  Vote everything and everybody Democrat this upcoming election…


I don’t want one party deciding everything.   

The democratic is totally unlike the Republican Party.  It is not… repeat not one party, even though it is under the same umbrella.  Ask any Progressive.  They will tell you there are Democrats who are more conservative than Republicans…  Chances are if you are voted in by a progressive district, you will be progressive; after all you represent your people.  Likewise, if you are voted in by a conservative district, you will be conservative.  Nothing else makes sense.

The battles will be the same on the House and Senate floors.  Nothing will change.  The only equation that changes, is that if a conservative brings up a good idea,  I don’t have to vote no because it might help them win re-election… If everyone is of the same party, there is no pressure NOT to compromise, NOT to give and take in order to get things done.  That will be the only difference.  In fact, after one cycle, the party will split into two factions. and we will have a two party system.

Some Republicans are good candidates, I don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath. 

(By good, my definition is that they are loyal to their constituents,  either conservative or progressive, and they don’t sell their district out for corporate dollars… That is the congressional definition of  “good”…)

Good people can switch their party affiliation.  They can run for the same office and be themselves, just not “call” themselves Republicans.   The difference again, is that when they pursue their agenda,  they can do so for the right reasons, and not for the reason that it will bring more of the one percenter’s  dollars into their coffers.

Again, good people need to switch their affiliation now before the deadlines start lining up….  You might as well have your voice in the party of power; not lost backing candidates of a lost cause….

I don’t want to be responsible for the killing off of the Republican Party. 

You don’t kill off a party.  A party commits suicide by taking a course, a road, a path where voters do not want to go…  Republicans chose to to pursue the interests of giant money, over those of the middle class of American people.  A government is not a business.  No business stays open for long if it is more concerned with taking care of its customers,  or is more concerned over the happiness quotient of their employees, than they are with making money.

That is governments function. Taking care of its citizen’s needs….  When we tried anarchy under the Articles of Confederation, we got in deep shit.   No one was there to take care of our needs.  And not liking the models of government that had come before us… as a new nation, we invented our own.

It was not invented to be run like a business.

Americans must look at the Republican party before them.  They have a candidate Mitt Romney that no one likes.   All the challengers had bursts of popularity, until something or other came out about them….  Michelle Bachmann had a gay husband,  Herman Cain had an ejaculation problem.  Rick Perry had a race problem,  Newt Gingrich and a threesome problem,  Rick Santorum wound up being the last challenger of merit, and he… was about to lose his own state to someone who almost every Republican has told me… is not “a real Republican”.

So, if none of your parties’ good candidates are willing to run, in truth, doesn’t that tells you a lot about the lack of strength to your party?… Especially when contrasted to the Democratic Primaries of 2008, where Obama and Hillary Clinton, the two best the party had to offer, went toe to toe until the voters chose to end it…..

So a party of stars faces off against a party of  jokers…  Isn’t it time to switch to the real conservative party, the Democratic one?

Drop all pretensions of being haughty.  Come over, lose your party, vote in the Democrat that most represents your views, or if you’re a candidate,  pull an Atkins, change your party stripes. …  Bottom line, as we saw with the Republican takeover in the House, where there are Republicans, you get stand up comedy.   Leave the comedy to John Stewart on The Daily Show. 

Let’s have some real  government for a change…….

(In Delaware  party affiliation may be changed this year, between April 25th and May 25th… )