The Republican primaries show the last bastion of conservative social values. since it’s high point in 2004, which just hinged on a few contested votes in Ohio, the Conservatives have lost favor.

They lost the congressionals of 2006. They lost huge in 2008, as massive amounts of voters voting for the first time, went the other way. They ran on jobs and won a few seats in 2010. But when they shut down the government in 2011 over funding planned parenthood, the country realized what they’d gotten.

It seems like the best way to eliminate conservatives from government, is to put them in power for two years. They act worse than Democrats.

Rick Santorum carries the banner of old fashioned conservatives. He is losing. So the obvious hits us in the face. If the Conservative Party is rejecting Conservatives en masse, then that movement is dead. Put another way, if the extreme faction of the extreme party, is rejecting Conservatism, it is a dead entity for the majority of America…

Rick Santorum cannot give up. If he does, the evangelicals, the family values faction, and the tax cutters, will be laughed out of the Republican Party. Republicans will turn to them and say: “you lost the election for us! Get the fuck out of our party!”

Democrats had to do that with the communists and socialists in the 40’s. Their views were a little too extreme for the mainstream, and those parties still carried their banner, and met on college campuses, but never won any clout with the majority of American voters. Democrats however, because they expelled the communists and socialists back in the 40’s, went on to dominate Congress if not the Oval Office, for 60 some years….

Bottom line, if you are a conservative, Santorum is your last battle. This is your King’s Mountain, where everything is on the line.. This is when you need to flush out the hills to gather an army. This is when you need your most outstanding leaders to devise a plan to use your own weaknesses to your advantage…. If you are at all religious, and believe God is part of government, this is your last chance. Get behind Santorum Now.

If you don’t win Pennsylvania, the cause is dead… Not only dead, but a joke. Imagine showing your face in public the day after Santorum loses to (who? are you serious) Mitt Romney in his HOME STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA?

Ha, Ha your friends, enemies and acquaintances will say to your face… Ha, ha… You’re cause and everything you believe in, IS SO WRONG, that even your leader, cannot carry his own state against ….. the weakest candidate the Republicans have ever had to choose?

If you lose Pennsylvania, it will be the requirement of every newspaper, every radio DJ, every media outlet and respectable blogger, to say: conservatism is just a splinter organization, a cult like Koresch’s, a loner movement like Timothy McVeigh. These cannot be listened to or have their message propagated by us… It must be ignored, just like those communists who wore Mao on their lapels…. In college, they couldn’t even get a date…..

It is not too late. Santorum needs to think outside the box. Rick needs to bring on Newt as his Vice President. That act should jar conservatives to wake up, and realize the end of conservatism is near. That act, coupled with both working together to keep conservatism, a dream forged in the night of wishful thinking, from losing its warm, glowing feeling in the bright sun of the real world……

If Pennsylvania does not go for Santorum, Conservatism is A JOKE!!!

Rick Santorum may now take the place of “Chairman Mao” on college campuses…….