This morning Arlen Specter said to an independent caller who called in to express incredibleness at the direction the Republican Party was heading……

I believe the caller asked why Santorum was popular, and did that mean we were truly becoming Draconian?

Arlen Specter answered… “Don’t insult the Draconians….  Putting Santorum and Draconian in the same sentence, is an insult to Draconians…..”

He added… “Santorum is so far out there, he even makes Draconians look bad by association…..  ”

He also had a suggestion for C Span coverage.  “Forget covering the floor of Congress.  That is being taken up by quorum calls… Instead, we need the cameras in the cloakrooms….  That’s where America can see what really happens…. Nothing happens on the Senate Floor ”

His new book comes out on March  27th on…..