Back in 2000 when we the CBO projected budget surpluses “as far as the eye can see”, Paul Ryan argued that the deficit was too low.

Today, our budget is in crises. Paul Ryan says we will face cataclysmic failure if we do not eliminate our welfare state.

But in 2000, Paul Ryan took the opposite tack. The surplus is huge; we must eliminate it it lest the government pay off the entire national debt and start buying up private industry….

Paul Ryan voted for funding the Iraq War by borrowing. He voted for the theft of $1.6 Trillion from the Treasury in the form of the Bush Tax Cuts. He voted to fund the Medicare Prescription Fund by borrowing. Paul Ryan voted borrowing for the TARP fund, as well as borrowing to fund ethanol subsidies.

In fact: if we didn’t have Paul Ryan in Congress, today we wouldn’t have a deficit.

(His budget projects a deficit that is 10 times greater than that proposed by Obama.) When Republicans were in power, the deficit was too small. When Democrats took over, the deficit was prime target number one.

Some things haven’t changed. Ryan still wants the wealthy to pay no taxes. His policies still put the financial burden on the middle class. Likewise Ryan still wants to increase military spending beyond what is rational.

Ryan once said, a surplus was far more dangerous than having a giant deficit. As his budget shows, nothing has changed. Today he has a primary challenger who may topple him, if his constituents ever find out how their lives were ruined by the man they put in office.