Courtesy of Washington Post

Puzzled as to the ins and outs of the Republican Primary? This graph has your answers…

Romney’s support comes from those who want to beat Obama… meaning: HE HAS MONEY…. If winning is your primary concern, then you tend to pull the lever for Romney… To you, it doesn’t matter if he is not a “true conservative”.. To you, it doesn’t matter if he exhibits “moral character”.. To you, it doesn’t matter if his plan to fix the USA has been pointed out to be… junk…. You will pull the lever for him because in a contest with Obama, he has the least baggage when fighting over the middle.

If you are a true conservative… and put beliefs over winning or policy, then you feel Santorum is the best. You may have feelings for Gingrich, since he was the antithesis of Clinton, but of the two, Santorum, who wants to imprison all women, and make them subservient to perverted men, is your prefered candidate.

If you believe that moral character is the prime ingredient for a national leader, you will antsy up to Santorum… Again, his being against all women, ranks him highly in moral character… After all, to these people, a woman’s place is either under her husband, or on her knees, worshiping his holiness…. So if moral character is your prime objective, you pull for Santorum…

And… if you want someone who has the right experience, you pull for Gingrich.. These are practically minded individuals who see that if government is for the people, then it needs to help the people. Of all Republicans, Gingrich’s plans are the only one that actually does just that… $2.50 gas… They can understand that… And so in this class, Gingrich reigns supreme… Although more study is needed, it is interesting to note that the two Southern states that have major manufacturing (Automobiles)… and therefore have a blue-collar work force, both went for Gingrich…..

The negatives are interesting too… Romney is haunted by the “true conservative image”… Santorum is extremely weak when it comes to having the “right” experience…. and Gingrich, thanks to having three wives, and a penchant say for three way marriages… ranks low in moral character…

So if you know the makeup of Republicans of that state, you can probably predict the outcome…. Seems easy enough to me…..

Romney 112
Santorum 133
Gingrich 123

Looks like Santorum will win Alabama….