39 42 92 Advertisers have pulled out…

All Women Republicans have abandoned Santorum over this Rush  issue, finally understanding they were being manipulated by jerks, and now, thanks to Rush, Mitt Romney will be the official nominee…   At least for this election Conservatism is DEAD….. (thank you Rush… ❤  )    We will be choosing which type of national healthcare we will soon get… Single Payer Romneycare or Single Payer Obamacare……  Either way,  it is time to get out of medical stocks, hospital organization stocks, and health insurance stocks, and every US pharmaceutical company…….

And Rush is helping us out more…..

Remember his apology?   He said, “I apoligize for it only because I sunk to the level of liberals?”  (Not a normal:  “oh, my, what have I done?  I’m so sorry I made this women and other women feel this way”)…. No.  No remorse.  He doesn’t give a damn about women   (probably those pills again…. )

So today: he blames this war on women as being orchestrated by Obama….

Dude,  war on women is calling them “sluts” and”prostitutes”  and saying you want them to “video their privates so you can watch.” That is war on women…

Rush.  It was you who tried to shame this woman to silence. The appropriate response is to silence you…

Woman and (men, who appreciate women)…. this is for you… 


Here is the list of all clear channel’s stations…. The list is organized by state.   Start calling; start writing; start twittering….. start blogging….. Of course, if you hate women… start listening… and start advertising….

Oh, and the sponsor Rush was bragging would be adding themselves to his program? Seriously, from POLITICO….. SeekingArrangement.com, a company that bills itself “the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website,” announced its decision to start advertising on Limbaugh’s show late Tuesday, while the CEO of Ashley Madison, an online dating service website, said on CNN Wednesday morning that he is “willing to step into the void left by other advertisers.” Apparently, it appears these two faux prostitution services have finally found their target audience, and at a very bargain rate…….

Boycott these following….

In  Delaware