The largest reason Greece defaults are so big, is that that were hidden until it became too big to hide…

The problem if noticed earlier, could have been corrected by now, without letting the debt balloon into the crises we have now.

Republicans want to use the same scoring method used by the Greeks to hide our their proposed deficits.

Remember, Newt Gingrich’s deficit is $7 trillion higher than Obamas. Santorum’s deficit is $6 Trillion higher than Obamas. Romney’s deficit is $2 Trillion higher than the deficit…..

So, the idea is that if you “pretend” that growth will be “off the charts”,  because you cut taxes “too low”, then all that “growth” will generate tons of revenue that will magically appear….

Before we jump into this, has this ever been tried before?

Yes… as mentioned, it was done in Greece…  Look how that turned out.

Yes, ..Bush W… taxes were cut too low… and instead of growth,  we got this Depression…….

Yes,..Ronald Reagan. 86.  taxes were cut too low, and instead of growth, we got a Massive Recession in 89.. Had Clinton not been elected it would have continued on into a Depression.

Yes,  The 1920’s… Taxes were cut too low, and instead of growth, we got “the” Great Depression…….

And now they want to do it again, with dynamic scoring….

Because they have a problem.  That problem is the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) by law is required to cost out budgets to see where they end up.  They’ve gotten pretty accurate lately. So when a Republican puts up a budget, it like the candidates listed above, look pretty bad…  So, Republicans want to change the formula.

The reason they want to use it is obvious.   Their idea that cutting taxes increases both jobs and revenue, is a fairy tale.. If it was true, it would have worked the four examples I gave above….

Cutting taxes leads to lower revenue and larger budget deficits. There are no two ways about this…

Republicans think this is not true.  Just like they think global warming is not true.  Just like they think the separation of Church and state is not in the Constitution. Just like they think birth control is too important a topic to let women decide how it should be used…..

Republicans are wrong on all counts.

And so, if we get a Republican Congress in 2012, we will then get dynamic scoring to deny how much their policies are costing us, as we too, will wind up bankrupt……

So if you don’t want America to turn into Greece ( who would?)…… it is imperative that no Republicans make it into Congress this next time….

Their steadfast belief in nothing but psuedo-science, will be their undoing…..