Predictions of doom have always come and gone… The best reason for even mentioning them in the first place, is 1) to get people talking about them, and 2) get talk out there of how to work around them should those threats materialize…

Proper examples:


That was a case where we had a catastrophe in the making, and worked together to solve it. (Except for Delmarva Power: the only business in the world that did not take steps to upgrade)..

Avian Flu.

This infection seems to have been contained through rapid action. We acted fast enough and contained the problem.

So what’s up with this crazy Republican Party this year?

It’s called “chasing after the nuts”… Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, New York Post, have been playing this game for years.

Whoever has the most nuts, wins a prize.

So how do you collect nuts? You act crazy….

No Birth Certificate…. crazy.
Eliminate Medicare…… crazy.
No tax increases…….. crazy.
No auto bailout……… crazy.
Eliminate birth control. crazy.
Call the Catholic Church crazy.
The Pope is Wrong……. crazy.
Blatant Lies on Ads……crazy.
Deficit Spending………crazy.

Which is why we see the craziness we do. The talk around the town is that these guys have totally lost their marbles.

They haven’t.

They’re just chasin’ nuts……..