(This is not an attack piece on Republicans; just a warning that time is running out and they’d better get it together.)

It’s halftime Republicans…. What are you going to do?

Here is what you did?

You said bailing out Detroit was wrong; yet GM is alive and recorded their highest profit ever; one incidentally shared by all of its union employees.

You said contraception was wrong, and should not be used.

You said that we need less revenue coming into the Treasury, yet the treasury is 1.3 Trillion in deficit each year.

You said you would cut expenses. You spent more instead.

You said you’d balance the budget. Instead you dropped our AAA rating to just above junk…..

You said religion’s rights were abused. Yet if you turned Herman Cains tax plan upside down, it was the mark of the devil.

You said all gays suck… Yet one of your best heroes, was gay all the time…

You complained we were leaving Iraq… It is costing us a lot less now, isn’t, and we have the same results…

You said women had a place in the Republican Party. Yet you put not one woman on a panel discussing every women’s reproductive rights.

You said you were for protecting the internet. Yet all your SOPA supporters dropped from supporting that very bad bill.

You said you were for low taxes. Yet you fought tooth and nail so the payroll tax cut could not be passed….

You said that you would create jobs… Yet only Democratic policies have created jobs… Republican and Tea Partiers have lost them.

You said government intervention cost jobs… yet in Detroit it saved them…

You said Democrats couldn’t grow jobs? They almost reversed all those that Republicans lost….

You said Obamacare was a disgrace? Working pretty well these days, isn’t it? Well care visits. Free contraception for your daughters, Free screening for cancer. Lower premiums. Better coverage…. Maybe now is a good time to get that prostate checked out, huh?….

You said using government money to save jobs was unconstitutional. Turns out it wasn’t.

You said you were for racial equality. Even had a party chairman to prove it… (What was the name of your Texas governor’s camp, again?)

You said we couldn’t leave Afghanistan; but as soon as word got out we were, then Karzai and the Taliban stepped up talks, seriously…..

You said the 1% created all jobs… ha, ha, ha… You were wrong.

You said you were for “family values…” You didn’t say it meant trying to start multiple families with multiple women while still married…

You said millionaires couldn’t afford to pay taxes. The middle class would have to pick up the slack…

Just saying, that as you scramble and fight among yourselves. the rest of us see a party in disarray that has no clue who they are or what they stand for. We see jokers who should not be in Congress, we see platitudes that were dis proven ages ago….

Just sayin’ Republicans… You’ve had two years… It looks from here like you can’t do anything right….

it’s halftime Republicans… What are you going to do?…..