Bottom line: in order to run for Congressman, Paul Babeu had to hide he was gay….

Why is that?

Why…. is…. that?


Here you have a good man, good enough to run for Congress, who for reasons beyond his control prefers a long term relationship with someone his same gender, and if he is to run, he has to pretend he is not gay?… Even to the point of “deporting” his former friend?


Why does someone so esteemed in society; someone who spoke before CPAC last week; someone on the front of the immigration war; someone whose image is right next to John McCain’s, for heavens sake, surely one of the best human beings that Arizona has to offer…..

Why does he have to hide the biggest part of who he is?

Perhaps you don’t see how huge this is?

We have a conservative, anti immigration sheriff, in a very conservative town, in a very conservative state, who was about to embark upon the career of his life…. who had all the qualifications, who had all the support….. IN OTHER WORDS HE WAS JUST AN AVERAGE NORMAL CANDIDATE….. except for the fact that he was gay…

While no one knew he was gay….. he was a hero… a leader…. a person looked up to?…

Point is; being gay makes not one bit of difference… If you are considered one way because you keep your gayness hidden, and then considered another way because it has come out, then the problem is obviously NOT WITH YOU….


So you have a normal guy, who, after his gayness comes out is…. still a normal guy…. it proves all those detractors who oppose any equality for gays…. WRONG…

If you don’t believe gays are people… you are wrong.
If you believe gays have something wrong with them, you are wrong.
If you believe gays are liberal commie pinko’s… you are wrong.
If you think gays can’t hold or shoot a gun…. you are wrong.
If you think gays aren’t Christian enough…. you are wrong.
If you think gays can’t be real men…. you are wrong.
If you think gays are sinners….. you are wrong.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with gays… Paul Babeau cuts that argument down forever….

From this point on… no conservative can say there is something wrong with gays.. (listening Gov. Perry?) and get away with it…

Because the truth is: there is nothing wrong with gays.. There is something very deeply, sickly wrong with a party that is… anti gay…..

Paul Babeau proves the Republican party is full of hypocrites. For it was only for the fact that he felt he had to hide who he was for his party of fake people, that forced his hand to threaten his ex to stay quiet….

Damn shame, he couldn’t have just let it all hang out….. and still run as a “so-what” Republican in high esteem…..

There is nothing wrong with Paul.. There is something wrong with Republicans…. ‘Cause Paul Babeu just proved it……