There are times over the course of human events where a novel approach to a stalemate often causes a new direction to be taken.

Copernicus offered the earth revolved around the sun, as did Galleao.

Columbus offered the world was round, and that you could get East by sailing West.

Keynes offered that the best way to get an economy out of depression was to go to war (government spending)… and full employment would follow…

Reagan offered that the best way to raise the prosperity of all Americans, was to cut taxes for America’s wealthiest few… (Yes, I had to throw some humor in the mix…)…

The point is not whether each was successful or not, it is that each fundamental different view of the way the world worked, created a new synergy toward approaching that old world’s daily problems. As new horizons opened, the old problems didn’t seem that important anymore.

So thinking clearly about education. What do we need?

It has become apparent that a lot of what our education espouses is unnecessary. Mostly todays deciders, the evolutionary decendants of the old “textbook” committees, all have their own interests in deciding what goes into textbooks.”

It is as if they are more concerned with that their side gets their propaganda in as opposed to whether or not their kids learn….

Are we more concerned that our kids learn black history, than how to speak professionally? One would think so; we certainly don’t have a “How To Speak Professionally” Month.

Are we more concerned that our kids suffer through Disability Awareness Sessions than how to add two numbers together? Is October officially “Higher Math Month?”

Do we have a “Vocabulary” or “Spelling Bee” Month? We have one for the “March for The Arts in Education….”

One of the first lessons taught in Management 101, is that you get what you focus on… Meaning that in the workplace, if you are looking for results in “speed on the line” and you begin talking it up, and rewarding your top performers rather handsomely, you are going to get… “speed on the line”… Of course, it will come… at the expense of something else.. perhaps quality, or safety, or cost… But, you will get speed on the line, if that is what you focus on…

The second lesson of Management 101, is that time is finite. You cannot make unlimited demands. If you ask that time be spent on one aspect, there will be an aspect that gets ignored for lack of time to be spent on it….

Both these tenants are missing from today’s education. Both were present in the days of one room school houses, who were forced by economic reality to sandwich all learning between a lull in the crops….

Currently we try to teach too much… It is called “starbursting”… A little here, a little there, but when all comes to putting pencil to paper, there is nothing there…

Our global competition, is so far behind us, they are focusing solely on the basics. and because of that, … beating us where it counts the most; attracting global investment….

No business will move into Delaware because the workforce knows who Harriet Tubman is…

AP– In Munich Germany, Siemans announce they would be building a new factory in Delaware, employing up to 5,000 workers. Peter Loscher, President and CEO, said that the amount of Black History Education received by the local workforce in their early years was the prime reason for choosing Delaware as their newest manufacturing location.

Hmmm, maybe I was wrong; perhaps we do need Black History taught in all our grades, to attract even more jobs.

Point is, I have nothing against Black History. That is a niche subject. One a graduate student might thoroughly like to study.

The question I am throwing out, is Black History Awareness so important, that it should take time away from reading, math, and writing…..

The usual rebuttal to this question, particularly from those who have had experience in “upper New Castle County” Public School Classrooms, is: we have to make school interesting for our students, so we need these distractions.

If you need distractions to make children come to school, why not just show R-rated videos in class? Oh……… you already do.

No, what you need… is you need to make math fun… So people will learn it… Why can’t you make math fun?

Then you get the list of complaints.
WE get bad rating by our supervisor if we make the class too fun.
WE get held accountable by our supervisor if we don’t cover all the proper agenda.
WE get held accountable by our supervisor if we don’t have rigid quiet in our classrooms.
OUR supervisors don’t care whether our student’s learn. They just care they get no parental complaints.
WE have too many things we are required to cover, and just when the kid almost are getting it, we have to switch to another subject. WE never get to time to close the deal.
WE get pulled away by too many distractions. WE have meetings where we have to attend, and our class sits with a procter, who is incapable of answering questions.
WE have to interrupt class at a moments notice for announcements over the speaker. Instantly WE have to go back to the beginning of our lesson and start again, since their attention got lost.

Point is, no one, except for those at the top, cares if children learn…. I mean, of course they “care”, but they do not set up the day to day operations to make that happen….

Here are some quick fixes…

Go to three courses




Depending on the level of each student, they can determine the distance they want to go in each of those three….

But that is the core… Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic…. Every day for twelve years, our public schools will teach reading, writing, and Arithmetic…

Those interested can pursue each discipline further. Calculus, European History, and Program Writing… should be options for those who have the talent.

But the basics get covered….

I know very few people in my professional circle who daily use calculus in their daily lives… They pull out a calculator.

Point is, we don’t need many people who know how to calculate. WE do need people who know how to build calculators….. And that is where Americans have lost their focus.

How does a microboard work? How does one fix it? How does one make it faster? How does one make the next jump in microboards?

In the past, only scholars studied. The rest of the population existed by making things….. and living off that process. As a consequence, back then, the common folk did not read or write…

WE don’t have to go that far back. Just give everyone a public education that covers the basics; reading, writing, and arithmetic….

With these tools, and the opportunity, they can then go as far as their dreams can carry them….

One of America’s finest colleges and universities used to publicly boast. “We don’t teach our students the answers; we teach them where to go to FIND the answers…”

That makes a lot of sense.

Such are the battles that take place over the cirriculum. In the meantime, we have math taught out of textbooks not even the principal author (they’re done by committee) understands….

WE need,

To know how to read.
How to multiply and divide.
How to write so others know what we want, we need, we feel. In other words we need the tools to express ourself…

Everything else is extra….