Here is the Republican Primary stats so far…..

Santorum has now won Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado.

Romney has won New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada.

Gingrich has won South Carolina……

Ron Paul’s steady-but-surely is losing steam… He’s looking hard at Maine.

It looks like Gingrich will do well in states around Georgia. The Old South seems to rally around him, thoroughly enjoying his pomp and circumstance and strutting around like a Confederate soldier.

It looks like Santorum does well in the Midwest.  He resonates with farmers.

And it looks like Romney will do well in areas with sophisticated people, areas of higher population density. .

And an interesting observation, heard here first, is that there seems to be a weeks delay between news leaks about candidates and the resonance in voters.  Point being Gingrich did not suffer the leaks about him from his second wife in South Carolina, but that was a principal reason his effort in Florida fell short.

While Florida and Nevada were being contested, Santorum was with his sick child in Philadelphia,  which it now appears resonated as a family value in the Midwest yesterday… It is also wise to note that he is taking over the Michelle Bachmann segment that was supposed to propel her campaign forward……