People have written much about this….  My words would add nothing.

But, I am intrigued by the forces as to why this happened…  Face, reality. People don’t do things that are really stupid on purpose….

Always they think they are doing the right thing…

So how could Koman do such a miscalculation?  They obviously counted their support based on a wrong set of cookies…

For some reason, they assumed the Conservatives were a majority…  THEY ARE A MINORITY RANGING AROUND 17 PERCENT OF AMERICA’S POPULATION…..

Anyone who talks to people, knows this….

People have opinions.  People like to keep their opinions private to strangers.  When a stranger asks them something private, say for example in a poll,  they give the answer they think the stranger wants to hear….

Unless of course they are selling something…  We call people who sell stuff, extroverts….

Had the heads of Koman just asked on their Facebook status, if cutting breast cancer research funding for Planned Parenthood was a good idea, they would have figured out very early, before going public, this was a BIG mistake…

Americans LOVE Planned Parenthood… But because of the bullying backlash  that comes from Conservative Thugs, they judiciously  don’t admit it.