A wiser man than me once said… ” The electorate is divided as such…  If you take a cross section of America, two thirds of them think like Democrats,  (that the People should be in charge of their government), and the others don’t.  But usually only one half of people thinking like Democrats even go to the polls, … which means we have this fine line of two armies who are almost equal, so that we constantly keep fighting over….”

Which is why, when that segment becomes engaged, we have these lopsided elections like we did in 2008, then bounce back to disasters like 2010 when they stay at home…

Now the primary reason that one third that doesn’t vote,  is that they do not feel up to speed on the issues…  For them the issues in national elections are sort of like what we may have felt back when we voted for the first time, and got hit at the bottom of the ballot with state reps, state senators,  county councils, register of wills, and a sheriff…..   As we checked them off, we were thinking I hope I’m doing the right thing… based on a name, a party affiliation, or some arrangement of tea leaves on the carpet floor the night before….  (It used to be such decisions came solely from the News Journal guide published prior to elections).

It is to this group, too afraid to vote, that we need to bring knowledge.  Of course, on the opposite end it is also to this group, the business class needs to prevent that knowledge transfer from happening….

What we can do, is use real world analogies to dissolve the lies being made by the other side.

Facts in our favor…. If you are middle class, then…..

WE pay more in actual medical costs now, than we did before Republicans.

WE pay more to insurance companies, than we did before Republicans.

WE pay more in utilities now, than we did before Republicans…

WE pay more to big banks now, than we did before Republicans….

WE  had higher incomes before, we had to deal with Republicans….

WE had safer food, before inspections of it were dismantled by Republicans…..

WE had a healthier environment, before Republicans dropped environmental controls and brought back pollution.

WE had  cheaper food than we did, before Republicans…..

So ask them… Pivotal moment:  who would you trust with your future?  A party that builds itself up as being the protectors of your future?  Whose credibility and power are won or lost solely on how well you do?   Or,…  a party that worries more how to protect those people stand to make money off of your future, and whose credibility and power are won or lost by how well they can deliver on THAT promise….

You see, there is only one answer.