We saw in Florida, the power of super PACS.. Ten people with unlimited money, decide the race…

The ads do not have to be truthful; they need only be effective. One telling comment in an exit poll was that it was apparent that voters were confused, because 72% thought Gingrich was too liberal, and 52% thought he was too conservative…..

Obviously there are some mixed up Floridians out there…….

WE can’t change the dynamics. But what we can do is use the unlimited resources at our disposal, to point out the untruths in each ad….

If citizens know where to turn to for a truthful dissection of the ad’s content, then the ad’s effectiveness is countered…

It is like ignoring a liar… He continues lying with each breath, not knowing that his audience is wise and is long past even giving anything he says worth an iota of consideration….. This is the people’s retalitory method to render each attack ad useless.

Here is my challenge… I challenge Delaware Politics to take every Democratic ad, and break it down into truths and untruths… They have a large number of contributors so this task is manageable to them… This is a public duty, and one I think they would be proud to bear….

I hereby challenge Delaware Liberal, a blog also gifted with a large number of contributors, to dissect and prove or disprove all Republican ads true or false…. Likewise this is a public duty, and one I too, think they would be proud to bear……

What is needed is someone to debunk the massive amounts of money being spent on lies, shifting ghosts, and innuendos. I think if word of this challenge gets out through national blogs like Red State and Daily Kos, that some truth will be brought to bear on advertising.

For human nature is this: if you know someone will quickly call you out on a lie, (I’m remembering Copeland’s paper ballot showing Obama, Markell, Copeland, handed out in Wilmington’s inner city) the backlash will probably outweigh any initial advantage one has in offering the misrepresentation in the first place..

Meaning just the threat of both you doing so, will keep ads more honest than it there was no one watching or keeping score… Obviously no one was watching in Florida…..

I bereby challenge these two respectable blogs, each in their own arena, to become the nation’s (WE the People’s) advocates for truth….

I feel each of these two entities can be trusted to give a valid opinion. No one trusts ABC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, or FOX to be able to do the same. As we have all seen, they will lie for money.

I hope my friends on both side are up for the effort. Our nation is counting on you to lead.

The First State, should always be the one who, when it comes to WE The People, lead first…….