In one of the most marvelous pieces of writing that have ever crossed my path, Professor Dumbledore, after the Sorcerer’s stone has been successfully kept from Voldemort’s grasp, gives out a few remaining points at the end of the semester…..

As he bestows points to a most unlikely hero….. he says….

“It takes great courage to stand up to one’s enemies. It takes even greater courage, to stand up to one’s friends….”

With corporate hatred rivaling the level of intensity the Colonists felt to King George, or Abolitionists felt to Southern Plantation slave owners, if Gingrich flips and coddles the corporate line of soon to be dismissed Mitt Romney, he will fail. Newt must maintain the populist vein he found in North Carolina, and portray himself as being the true one from Main Street, meaning by default, Obama will be left, …. looking like he is defending Wall Street….

This year’s vote will be anti-corporate. Whoever earns it, is officially now up in the air.

Yes, Obama showed “toughness” to go after Bin Laden.. But again, in the real world, that choice is a no brainer. But, is Obama tough enough to imprison his personal friends, those traders at Goldman-Sachs, for their illegal deception which lead to he worst financial crises in our lifetimes?

I doubt it. Anyways, .. Time is running out.