Topic: Does News Coverage Affect our Perceptions of a Candidate?

Or, better put, does what we are exposed to, affect us?


Does your mother have any influence over the way you feel?
Is your religion affected by the beliefs of your church?
Are you motivated in a certain academic sort of way, because of a person you had as a teacher?

Maybe this is new to young people… But some of us can remember the horror as Khrushchev began denouncing Joesph Stalin, and the atrocities began emerging from someone most saw as a saint….. The same can be said with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, over the loss of North Korea’s “beloved” leader…

Some can remember recent stories of a certain young man, who went to Africa and came back as a sort of Marxist….

Some of us can remember Alex Keaton, a character on the show Family Ties during the 80’s, who in his youth, inspired a long line of future Republicans and business leaders….

So, unless we have been debriefed before, being exposed to something, obviously will affect our viewpoint…. Duh… Which is why, Democrats perfer multiple viewpoints so truth gets out, and Republicans who fear the truth, prefer only a single viewpoint ….

Duh, again…

Needless to say, the research herein, it exciting to political junkies, because it is something we all live… Their use of the Daily Show as one of the control groups, is a stroke of genius….

Since I was fascinated, i thought you might be as well…….