I’ve always admired Chris Dodd, former Senator from Connecticut, in fact once praised him here on these pages…..

But something happened to change all that… He has gotten too old to lead, and is now being led with a ring in his nose being pulled by corporate powers who raised cash for his campaigns…. Basically he sold his name out for a pension.. by joining the MPAA.

I saw where Chris Dodd had called the blackout of the internet a “dangerous stunt”… I thought I was reading a news release from a Senate.gov website until I got to the bottom of the page… It was from the Motion Picture Association of America.

And not to bash Dodd too hard, because I could see how easily it could happen, even to someone like me… especially on a day I had a migraine and was just trying to get the minimum I had to do, to get home, lie down, take Advil, put on Ben-Gay, and sleep…..

One of my big financiers comes up, saying “can we have you sign this, Sir?” I glance over it, and it seems to makes sense, why should we shut down the entire internet over one measly bill in Congress? Sure, I’ll sign on, now get out of my face.

And so, we see sublined under the headline, that Dodd called the blackout a silly stunt…

Here is the caveat.

It totally destroyed any credibility that Dodd once had… It shows that the sickness, that corruption where any value for sale, as seeped into even a good man….

Chris Dodd. How could you support SOPA’s permanent fettering of the internet, one that would require YouTube to go off line, and yet call a one day protest that fetters the internet, … a stunt?

Do you not understand the word hypocrisy?

The sands have shifted. Chris Dodd is now standing under the approaching dune. Had he lived back on April 19th, 1775, it appears quite likely in his old age, he would have called the militia that hastily gathered on Lexington Green, another dangerous “stunt” as well.