Manufacturing within the United States of America is near an all time high…..

Manufacturing is Good; New Jobs are Bad; Man loses to the Machine
Courtesy of Motley Fool

If you follow the blue line above you can see that manufacturing in the United States of America, has now reached the same level it was in 2005…. The current record was hit in 2006. (There it is also clearly visible: the rebound the current Democratic Administration occupying the White House has engineered.)…

You can also see that manufacturing jobs which held steady for decades, began plummeting the moment George W. Bush was sworn in and didn’t stop it’s free-fall, until President Obama put his hand on Lincoln’s bible….

Which means nothing really… Because it was completely out of the realm of either the Democrats and Republicans… It was computers and smart technology that put Americans out of work….

Robots don’t need smoke breaks, don’t do personal phone calls, and don’t go on strike for higher pensions… Computers make fewer mistakes, they don’t forget to carry over a place setting, and they don’t make a mistake by multiply instead of dividing…. It is not that American’s priced themselves out of the job market,…. it is that technology became so cheap, it became the process of choice…..

Our very rejoicing over the downward cost of a large screen LED TV or all the potential of a top-of-the-line 2005 desktop computer held in our hand, a computer from which we can even make phone calls, is also what took our manufacturing jobs and shoved them…..

They are gone. We can’t and don’t want them back….

No Republican will bring back jobs. Sorry Mitt. No tax break will bring back jobs, Sorry Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor… We are in a major shift just like the Great Depression… Back then, it was agriculture jobs that evaporated. Grapes of Wrath all over again. Today, it is manufacturing jobs…. eaten by machines.

I wonder how many people reading this can actually remember back to when retailers used to close one day for store-wide inventory, often having large sales to clear out merchandise to facilitate human beings doing the counting? Seen any closures lately? It’s now done overnight(in hours) with scanners. Now multiply that labor saved over the course of an entire year, then times the number of outlets across the country, and you can begin to grasp the immensity of just how life has changed….

So, where do we go from here?

The obvious answer is that with so many people out of manufacturing jobs, we will have to find another field or jobs for them to work. If the jobs are not there, we WILL have to subsidize them.. Welfare in conservative terms… And since we are broke, we will need to tax the wealthy for that….

Now we’ve done this welfare thing before. It didn’t work very well. In fact, it wasn’t until we eliminated or corrected it, that we got people out into the workforce to become an asset to society.

So.. with that in mind, since we have to pay these people anyway to keep them employed, to eliminate the problems of crime, destitution, and decay that come from an indigent society, it seems to make a little sense that we pay them to work instead of paying them not to work. Now I’m no wise man, but that simply seems to be a no-brainer…

So here is a need where we actually do need government to step in, and to step up its spending of money on projects that actually do put people to work; that way we can have a much better life than what we would experience had we chosen to let them starve and fend for themselves, which would not be pretty.

Of course the wealthy will have to pay for it… They are the ones making all that extra cash by not hiring us….

Those living in Delaware know this is nothing new… We are used to the benevolence of certain billionaires who in love with this fair state, spent enormous amounts of their personal wealth to build the first four lane paved road in the nation, from the Maryland border north of Salisbury to the edge of Marcus Hook PA… It was an engineering marvel at that time, and not a penny of state delegated taxes was spent….

Simply put, that is how it was done in the past, and if they can’t or unwilling to part with their money now, obviously we need to tax them more and do it for them…. It just makes too much sense…..