Gotta be brief.

We learned all Republicans are not what Fairfax VA wants them to be. They are a diverse group of people bound together by ideals.

We learned more about Romney. That he and his ilk like Bain Capital are responsible for the economic woes we now face.

We learned that unlimited money is wasted on well informed voters. Romney spent more and won, but usually the Massachusetts candidate always wins in New Hampshire… After all metropolitan Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is New Hampshire’s largest city…

We learned Huntsman really isn’t the dufus he was made out to be on all previous debates and media commentary.

We learned that Ron Paul, is probably too old to be president, even though we may admire his libertarian streak that resonates through every American.

We learned that Iowa was just a game, with big money alligning itself behind one candidate, then another, then another, then another, then another, and Rick Santorum now has just faded away….

We learned New Hampshire is not as flakey conservative (meaning they are more informed than most) as large parts of the rest of the nation.

We learned that often the wrong people get put in as front runners. Buddy Roemer gets a standing ovation in Nashau, among supporters of all the other candidates… (It was the best talk of the campaign so far)… Yet, the only Republican runner who has been a reelected governor, and reelected Congressman, is not allowed on stage at any debates.

You put a two-timing philanderer Pizza mogul as the prime presidential candidate, but shut out a 4 term Republican Congressman who was also a 2 term Republican governor? One who resurrected a state that was as bad off and as corrupt, as is Washington now? C’mon.. This election process is not natural.. it is staged. It is a Selection Process, not an election process……

We learned already that Citizens United will have to be overturned. It is now apparent we won’t have any fair elections until both corporations and the wealthy can no longer funnel enormous wealth into election cycles.

And most importantly, we learned the Republicans have no ideas on how to get us out of the mess… Since summer, not one good idea to get American jobs back into high gear, has come out in any campaign.. Instead we have gotten piped in music decrying who is the most conservative…

How will they get jobs roaring again?