He’s scheduled to die.

Simply put.

He is not the same person he was when the crime was committed.

He appears to be a good man, albeit, he will be incarcerated for life.

If executed, the state will have then killed a good man…

What difference is that from his killing of a good woman?

Who actually benefits from his death? The mother?

If they are both now good people, how is his death, any different from her daughter’s death?

If the state takes his life, it will be doing exactly what he did to lose his…..

Why is it right for the state to take a life, and not an individual?


These questions must be answered in the closed hearing. I don’t have to answer them, but you who are reading, do… Your answers will reflect who you are.

Bottom line, the only way to drive home the point that murder is morally wrong and a horrific act, is to do it by saying murder is so wrong and so horrific, not even the state of Delaware will rise to that level, even when and if it suits our purpose and the cause is just… What you did was so horrific, that you will spend the rest of your life behind bars… We will not do you the favor of shortening that length of time with a lethal injection.

Its time to do away with capital punishment.