They are calling their loans….

The one being touted across the nation, is a California company who was told to settle his loan by Jan. 25 to the tune of $96,000….

After the initial shock, the B Of A representative provided an additional alternative… including paying off the debt at 12% interest over two years. That’s about $4,500 a month, nearly 10 times his current interest-only payment.

Smaller local banks and credit unions, are not applying this tactic as are the big banks…

If you still have an account in B of A, you should get out right now…. If you own stock in B of A, (you’re still that stupid?) you should get out now… If you owe money to B of A, you should start bankruptcy proceedings right now….

It is time to let B of A fail… No more bailouts for that bank…. They earned the privilege to fail….