At times they are, more so now than in recent memory. But, they were not always… There are fond memories from some of the more senior actors on the political stages across this country, of when elections were viewed as mere sporting events… similar to that of Dallas versus Philadelphia… Some sparing, baiting, teasing when on, but after the vote, life went on.. just the same as it does after game day.

The decisiveness began to occur during the eighties. Which simultaneously, coincides with the advent of Fox News… We all know how a mother in law can pick apart a marriage. Suppose a news network used the same approach? First shining a light on one little thing that pissed the other partner off, then, returning the favor, shining a light on something the other did, pissing the first one off too… Pretty soon both sides are expressing anger at each other; so mad they are, it never occurs to them to be mad at the person creating a fiasco where none existed before… the mother in law…..

What if our anger, was just us getting played? I imagine one could do that with a team rivalry. “Cowboy players all said they wished when they played Philadelphia, they could play in another city. Philadelphia stinks…” Then two days later. Philadelphia’s quarterback said the ugliest hooker in Philly, was better looking than the Dallas Cheerleaders.” The following week, Dallas fans beat up Philadelphian shopping in the Galleria.” Two days later, “Woman gang raped outside King of Prussia Mall for wearing Cowboys Jersey.” So what if none of the stories were true… Actually no one was even concerned to check out their veracity. (it was false) but that didn’t stop the animosity from building… Next seasons event: for some reason, had more fights then ever recorded at any NFL game. The second game of the season, was played without any fans in the stands…. Tickets were refunded.

Of course this is fictitious. And believable..

So what if we hate each other for no reason? Just that we were told there was a reason and so hate we do?

There is proof that we don’t hate for a reason.

One, history. We always got along well before.
Two, American Tradition. We pride ourselves with polite civility
Three, both Tea Party and Occupiers, have big money corruption as part of their policy planks.
Four, both Tea Party and Occupiers within the course of two years, have protested the status quo.
Five, both Tea Partiers and Occupiers have a common enemy. Big Money.
Six, both Occupiers and Tea Partiers, are upset Middle Class is doing poorly…

Just like the broken couple, both point fingers at the other side, and develop a deep hatred for the other.

But, is it too late?

Can a couple disown their mother in law, send her packing to a nursing home, and get along well enough again to provide their children with a better future? Well, it gets done all the time….

Humans can forgive and forget. Americans as a people, are far better at that than most any other country… Certainly better than France (lol)…

Imagine if David Anderson, Jason Scott, Dana Garrett, Dave Burris, Liberalgeek, Hube, Pandora, Frank Knotts, Unstable Isotope, Fay Voshell, as well as a cast of thousands, got so fed up, they withdrew their accounts from a big bank and put it into a local one. What if they refused to use a credit card, tore them up, and all paid everything with cash? What if they stopped buying anything made in China, or sold by a multinational corporation? What if they all wrote about why and what they were doing, and all those who read followed? It certainly would change Delaware. What if all states did the same…Those mad on the right, and those mad on the left, pursued the same course of action, until the complete absence of secret monetary influences, became standard policy in elections….?

What if both sides, supported a constitutional amendment that explicitly overturned Citizens United, and forbid, slush funds, large corporate donations, and only allowed individual donors to contribute small amounts?

Would we then find common ground? Would we, without the divisiveness being forced upon us, have the normalcy to actually listen to the other side for a change, and craft compromises in the fashion they used to be crafted, back when things were golden?

Tell me, could you not work with the other side to achieve this goal? We have a common complaint. That complaint is that our government, who depends upon our votes to achieve their office, is not listening to us…. Both sides voice that.

Perhaps we take care of the corporate mother in law first, then work together again and fix this country… It’s not that hard to fix, we already have a plan.……