Mitt vrs Newt: Newt vrs Mitt

Each attacking the other’s ideas. Ironically both doing it from the left.

First Newt: “I reject Mitt Romney’s demand that I return the $1.6 million I “earned” as Freddie Mac’s top “housing historian” by challenging Romney to return all the money he made at Bain Capital, gotten by bankrupting companies and laying employees off.

Mitt’s turn: From Saturday’s debate: “his plan in capital gains, to remove capital gains for people– at the very highest level of income is different than mine. I’d– I’d– eliminate capital gains, interest, and dividends for people in middle income”. And one day earlier he said this: “My own calculation is that if that were the case, for anybody—no taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains—I would have paid no taxes over the last ten years, because all my income is from interest, dividends, and capital gains, and neither would Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and so forth.”

Get it?

The Republican Party is so morally bankrupt, that when required to attack one’s opponent in an effort to win, they MUST resort to values championed by the left, to make them stick…

Doesn’t Gingrich sound like an Occupied Wall Streeter? Doesn’t Mitt sound like kavips? Hey, WAIT A SECOND! Wasn’t it the “Democrats tax package” last year, that kept all the Bush Tax Cuts for those earning under $150,000, but let them expire for the billionaire top earners? That same one that was stymied by Mitch McConnell by buttonholing EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN IN THE SENATE?

It appears that when you truly need to hurt an opponent, in order to portray him as an insensitive brute, as being uncaring about anyone other than himself, YOU HAVE TO USE LIBERAL VALUES TO DO SO…..

Gee, it appears (quoting the two top Republican contenders of the moment as experts), that liberals, were right, all along….

Inside every American’s core, actually lies hard-sore solid liberal values. Conservative values, are just fake eyelashes, designed to lure the next “john of the moment”, into one’s bed……