Today MegaUpLoad sued Universal Music Group over copyright infringement.

Here’s the story. MegaUpLoad, a file sharing system, created an advertisement featuring some of the most famous artists of our time…

It is here…

Macy Gray sings parts of the song.. As the ad picked up steam, Universal Music Group, one of the major companies behind SOPA, which allows the shutdown of any website that portrays copyrighted information (ie, all of the internet), contacted YouTube with a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice, claiming that the work infringed on their copyright and demanding that it be removed immediately, which it was.

There was a problem.

The composition was an original score, not copyrighted by UMG. Further, MegaUpLoad had signed contracts with the performers, who performed in the video. And when MegaUpLoad contacted Univeral Music Group, they were brushed off… in fact, some sources say laughed at haughtily.

“After this demonstration of the abuse of power by UMG, we are certain that such an instrument of Internet censorship should never be put into the hands of corporations,” the CEO David Robb concluded.

SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is catching a lot of heat these days. Even groups that supported the proposed law initially are now backing away, saying the legislation needs work…..

UMG’s takedown of Magaupload’s content isn’t the only incidence of large rights-holding companies asserting allegedly false copyright claims and issuing takedown notices to YouTube and other companies.

The average “YouTube” life of a Rick Perry “STRONG” parody is about 5 hours…. Try clicking down the list of YouTube thumbnails on the right side or the screen, and see just how many are now non existent?

Some may argue that slights and untruths should be taken down… They believe if it is untrue, it should not be said….

Were that the case, the Republican Debates could not be televised. They are so full of untruths it makes a normal American throw up in their mouth. Since our founding, Americans have had the right to view untruths, and make up our own mind, We do it every time we see a commercial on TV…..

Just think if you couldn’t challenge these Untruths?

1) The King knows what is best for his subjects. That’s why he’s King.

2) Every state is Independent. They need subject themselves to no Federal entity.

3) The African Race is genetically inferior to that of Whites…

4) Slaves lack the capacity to function in Free Society…

5) A women’s place is in the home.

6) A woman doesn’t deserve the compensation a man gets.

7) If a textile mill can’t employ underage children, it will go out of business….

Everyone of these was an untruth at its conception. Horror if the UMG had controlled Free Speech throughout our nation’s formation….