Without putting you through the argument, (you know most of them already) after a round table discussion was finished, the subject being “Where Did America Go Wrong”…. a consensus formed that it was our government who let us down….

When they should have protected us from corporate malfeasance, they failed in their oversight, and in enforcement….

Although some thought that business should have policed itself a little better, it was determined that business has an obligation to make as much profit as it is allowed. The onus then is on the government for not regulating exactly “how much is allowed.”

No doubt after all the crap has been swept away, History will take this stance, that Americans dismantled government, so much, it was unable to satisfy it’s main purpose: that of protecting it’s citizens.

Had we simply kept the organization in place that regulated big money, none of this economic crap would have happened… It was man made. It was illegal before. It was made legal. It failed.

We need more government, and more money from the wealthy to pay for it. Simple solution to a simple problem.