Stop On-Line Piracy Act.

Is opposed by these companies: Google (GOOG), Facebook, eBay (EBAY), Twitter, Yahoo (YHOO), AOL (AOL), the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, all opposed the measure.

Under the bill, search engines, ISPs, online advertising networks and payments processors would have to block “rogue” sites when ordered to do so by a judge. Along with tech companies, free-speech advocates have argued that this would lead to legitimate sites being blocked and could disrupt the Internet’s underlying technology. The fear is that arbitrary decisions about what is and is not a “rogue” site could lead to chaos.

How clumsy are the bill’s Congressional backers? On Wednesday a hearing conducted by the House Judiciary Committee included just one opponent of SOPA — Google lawyer Katherine Oyama. And she seemed to be there not so much to testify as to serve as a proxy for all those evil Internet companies that want to profit from piracy.

Internet companies worry that they could be held liable for the actions of people outside their control. Under the bill, Yahoo, for example, could be held liable if someone posted a copyrighted picture to that company’s Flickr site. And Google and other search engines would in effect be responsible for the actions of basically everyone on the Internet…

The entertainment industry is behind the pushing of this bill. This is business and none of the proceeds benefit any of the artists, actors, or writers of the products being sold. It is entirely greedy corporate money versus our rights to a trustworthy free internet.

Congress is getting bribed. The entertainment industry spent $279 million lobbying Congress. The tech industries spent on tenth less, $29 million.

“And when businesses are considering investing in a country with poor internet freedom, and they know that their website could be shut down suddenly, their transactions monitored, their staffs harassed, they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere” — Joe Biden November 1. 2011. The London Conference on Cyberspace.

The following people are opposed to SOPA… Who’s Who of tech giants—including Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo, AOL and Mozilla,

Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul

A group of over 100 distinguished Intellectual Property law professors updated their original letter from earlier this year about PROTECT-IP and expressed that the SOPA would not only hurt the economy, but is unconstitutional:

The American Civil Liberties Union wrote a detailed letter to the Judiciary Committee outlining their objections to each provision of SOPA and expressing the significant free speech concerns.

Dozens of groups from the international human rights community signed onto a letter to the House Judiciary Committee explaining how SOPA would destroy Internet Freedom worldwide..

The Global Network Initiative, a diverse coalition of organizations ranging from human rights groups to academics, investors, and technologists, urged Congress to re-examine the bill…

The Consumer Electronics Association, which comprises over 2,000 American technology companies, delivered a straightforward message about the disastrous consequences of failing to properly tailor the scope of the bill…

And those on record as in favor, or don’t know yet……

Senator Chris Coons

Senator Tom Carper

Congressman John Carney