Members of Occupy Delaware briefly interrupted yesterday morning’s sheriff sale in Wilmington.

A handful of protesters stood silently in the back of New Castle County chambers while the Sheriff’s sale was underway. As the proceeding got underway, one of the protesters asked for the sale to be halted so an independent review of the mortgages and foreclosure could be completed.

“There was a petition to ask for the stop of the sale of homes until further investigation could be done by an independent expert to determine if the people had had the opportunity to pay their mortgage or fairness in the process,” said Judy Schneider of Wilmington.

That request was denied, and the protesters were asked not to interrupt again.

To a WHYY reporter, one of the protesters, Meshal Rivera of Wilmington, explained: “We wanted to come in because we don’t believe there is valid proof, with all the homes that have been foreclosed upon, whether rules were followed,” said . “There’s not really an understanding [in] a lot of situations who actually currently holds the real mortgage. They’ve been shuffled around all over the place that [when] you’re buying a foreclosed home you can’t even say who you’re buying it from other than the sheriff taking it from a family.

Rivera has been sleeping outside as part of the Occupy Delaware protest. They’ve moved to the sidewalk in front of the plaza along French Street.

What impressed me was their maturity. They made their protest, then stopped, recognizing going further didn’t help. This sets them apart from those Tea Baggers… Were it them, they would have made everyone say the “Pledge of Allegiance.